Taio Cruz Launches KeWe, The Social Media App to Rule Them All

kewe logoSinger-songwriter Taio Cruz, famous for pop hits “Dynamite” and “Break Your Heart,” has launched a new social media app called KeWe. Available on iOS starting today, KeWe is intended to combine components of many current social networks into one interface. With a first look inside the new app, see how it measures up to other popular social networks and whether or not it could be the next big thing.

What is KeWe?

With KeWe, Taio Cruz envisioned a social network that combined positive aspects of various social networks currently in use, including Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Foursquare. The name KeWe is a combination of the words “key” and “we” because it is the “key to the we.” KeWe is the first product to be launched by the development firm that Cruz owns, Tourean. Cruz himself has stated that the main point of KeWe is to provide users with both messaging and a social network, but to enable users to choose how and to what level they want to connect.

KeWe Features

The main features of KeWe are an amalgamation of the major social networking sites that it is based off of. KeWe contains a feed similar to that of Facebook, the photo capabilities of Instagram, a messenger systems comparable to WhatsApp, and an Explore tab for Foursquare-style location based capabilities. KeWe is also very integrated with Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to share to those networks and invite your friends. In addition, KeWe supports 20 different filters for photo and allows users to like, comment, and share the same way they would on Facebook.

Using the iOS App

Since I was fortunate enough to recently acquire an iPhone, I signed up for an “early adopter” KeWe account. Upon first glance, KeWe really does resemble many different social media networks. The feed is similar to that of both Tumblr and Instagram, with content displayed prominently and sandwiched between top and bottom bars that inform you who posted it and how many likes and comments it has. To connect, users “follow” other users in the same ways as on Twitter and Tumblr.

A pull out sidebar enables navigation similar to that of the Facebook mobile app. The “Popular” section is featured prominently at the top of this sidebar, enabling you to find trending content such as on Twitter and Tumblr. Chat is also a major feature, with the icon displayed at the top of the screen on the opposite side of the icon for the navigation sidebar. The “Around Me” feature, intended to be similar to Foursquare, uses your GPS to find other KeWe users (either those you follow or strangers) who are located near you.

Photos can be taken from either your profile or your feed, both of which have a plus-sign button on the bottom right for adding photos and text. Aside from this, the profile is fairly minimal – KeWe asks for your name and profile picture on startup, with options to add a background photo, your gender, and a short bio later. In my opinion, this impressive combination of features and the integrated encouragement to invite your friends and share on other networks gives KeWe great potential for rapid future growth. However, the fact that KeWe is currently only a mobile app may limit its growth.

Will you sign up for an account on KeWe?

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