Take A Different Kind of Social Media Vacation at the Twitter Hotel

sol wave houseRecently, I’ve made posts on the CEM blog about both the rise of FOMO (fear of missing out) and the increasing need to take social media vacations, or periods of time in which one disconnects entirely from social media. However, with a new Twitter-themed hotel, located on the island of Majorca, you can take a different kind of social media vacation. Sol Wave House is a vacation destination based completely around Twitter, including a virtual community where fellow vacationers can connect.

Vacationing for Tweetaholics

At the Twitter hotel, guests interact using a private online community called #SocialWave. The special web app for the community is only accessible through the Wi-Fi of the hotel, and it enables guests to send private messages, virtual kisses, and pictures of their stay. You can also join in the #TwitterPoolParty on Fridays, order a drink inspired by the site, and share the Twitter Party Suite with other guests.

The hotel also features many services available through tweeting with specific hashtags. #FillMyFridge will have your minibar restocked, and tweeting the @SolWaveHouse handle allows you to order poolside drinks. In addition, you can easily check-in and access room service using hashtags. At the Sol Wave House, everything is Twitter themed, from the room décor to the standard blue mojito.

A New Kind of Marketing Strategy

Marco Fantón, the social media director of Sol Wave House, states that he views the Twitter hotel as “a fun and interactive extension of what guests are already doing on their vacations – showing off their trip using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.” This is an interesting marketing strategy because it seems to actually do the opposite. While normally, people would share their vacation with those who are not there using social media, at Sol Wave House, people connect with strangers they are on vacation with using social media. This creates an insular experience, which is seemingly atypical of the goal of social media.

Would you visit the Sol Wave House? Do you sometimes need a break from Twitter or social media?

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