Reaching Bilingual Hispanic Buyers in English

With the rise of Latin@ purchasing power in the United States, it makes perfect sense that companies everywhere are targeting their marketing efforts to this demographic. But is Spanish the only way to get a message across? Let’s take a look at some of the stats of Latin@ buyers in the US – specifically with regard to languages spoken.Latin@ … [Read more...]

How Walmart is Reaching the Hispanic Demographic

Just a couple of months ago, Walmart hit its highest perception point among Hispanic Americans, which is a key target market for big box stores like this one. Walmart in particular has actually formed a partnership with Spanish-language giant Univision in order to better reach Hispanic consumers, and this work has definitely paid off for the … [Read more...]

‘Toy Feliz: Mattel’s New Bilingual Marketing Campaign for the Holidays

As the holiday season kicks off, Mattel is doing its best to reach a Hispanic audience with its new ‘Toy Feliz campaign. The slogan is intended to appeal to Latina moms and their kids. Let’s take a closer look at this bilingual marketing campaign.Multilingual Puns: Toy Happy! “’Toy Feliz” translates as “Toy Happy” in English. In Spanish, the … [Read more...]

Why Do Kids & Teens Love Snapchat?

While Facebook has long maintained that the younger demographic is not losing interest in the most popular social network, the numbers from Q3 have forced Facebook executives to change their tune. Instead, data shows that kids and teens are rapidly adopting Snapchat as their top social network. Snapchat has quickly risen in popularity, and its … [Read more...]

New Research Provides Insight Into Women’s Use of Mobile Phones

When it comes to your mobile marketing strategy, new research shows why marketing toward women is more important than ever. As Beans has written about before on this blog, women and moms are a key demographic in the marketing world. Not only are women overall much more active and engaged with brands on social media than men, but moms are also top … [Read more...]

Appealing To Kids And Adults: Marketing Lessons From Boy Bands

When you take a look at the music scene today, you can’t help but notice the preeminence of boy bands. Groups like One Direction and The Wanted are making their mark on the music scene, and not just with teen girls. No, boy bands have successfully harnessed a range of marketing tools that have helped them appeal to tweens, teens, and adults. Boy … [Read more...]