The Blog Your Blog Could Be Like: How to Leverage Video for Conversions

Businesses that know anything about content marketing know the value of diversified content. Having a blog on your business page is an excellent way to attract traffic from Google when it’s consistent and worthwhile. Multimedia is an excellent way to add genuinely useful content to your blog that keeps people coming back time after time, and video content can potentially be the biggest source for repeat business when produced effectively.

Today, I’m looking at how successful businesses leverage video content as a part of their business model and how it continues to provide them with increased traffic, better conversions, and spectacular coverage across the web.

Video Content 101: Repurposing Content for Quick and Easy Videos

One of the first questions asked when businesses decide they want to make video content is “what do I make my videos about?” It can seem daunting to come up with new material on a regular basis. If you’re keeping a regular business blog already (and we highly recommend you do), you already have all the content you need. Video content generation is easy: just repurpose blog posts as videos!

You don’t have to go overboard with production value: you can just film yourself reading or discussing a blog post you’ve already written. Always be sure to add a bit of yourself and who you are to your video: use the opportunity to expound on something you missed previously or talk about another related topic on your own. Viewers love personality, and if yours shines through in your video content, they will appreciate it.

The Power of Sharing: YouTube as Your Video Platform

Whether you’re making original video content for your business or you’re just repurposing old blog posts, you’ll have to have somewhere to host and distribute the video. YouTube is an excellent place to start: they provide the necessary embedding codes for all of your videos, so you can drag and drop your published videos into your business blog quickly and easily. What’s more, YouTube gives your customers another place to subscribe to you and keep up with your business.

YouTube can be much more valuable than just a video hosting site, though. You can engage videos and viewers directly through the service by actively using YouTube’s community features. If your video is relevant to another popular video, you can Video Reply to the popular video and earn viewers from someone else’s content. If your videos become popular themselves, you can monetize as a YouTube Partner and actually start earning revenue from your videos from sponsors.

Advanced Content Generation: Letting Your Inner Spielberg Shine

If you have a knack for producing videos and want to do more than just repurpose blog content, creative video content is a great way to increase your traffic and conversions all at once. Finding a unique, funny use for your products or services and filming the results is an excellent way to make your business’s video content go viral, which will put millions of eyes on your business overnight. Demoing your products on video gives potential customers a better idea of what you offer, and can often seal the deal if they were on the fence for a conversion.

Businesses that find their video content “niche” have rocketed their brands into the public eye, and in many cases, become the authority in their field thanks to their dedication to providing entertaining, valuable content to fans. The power of entertainment is invaluable to any business, and if you can brighten someone’s day with a video featuring your product, that’s a future conversion waiting to happen. (Newsletters and special YouTube discounts can turn those potential conversions into real ones, too!)

Examples of Excellence: Businesses That Have Found Success on YouTube

Take a look at some businesses that have used YouTube as a springboard for their business conversions.

BlendTec: You wouldn’t think a blender would have very much traction on YouTube, but nothing gets people’s attention like a little mischief. BlendTec wanted to show the power of their business-strength blender in a unique way, so they started blending popular consumer products like iPhones and glowsticks. With a little camp for added comedy effect, BlendTec’s “Will It Blend” series went viral and picked up thousands of new subscribers and millions of views.

GoPro: It makes too much sense for GoPro to be a staple on YouTube. GoPro’s tiny, powerful digital video camera products are designed to attach on bike helmets, cars, and just about anything else that moves, so sports enthusiasts can share action shots with the world. Not only did GoPro make a name for themselves by creating unique extreme sports content on their own page, they encourage their buyers to include “GoPro” somewhere on their video. The result is a massive web of user-created content that actively promotes the GoPro brand all over the internet—and millions of eyes on GoPro’s product.

Old Spice: Starting with their wildly absurd The Man Your Man Could Smell Like commercial (which now sports over 41 million views on YouTube), Old Spice used the power of YouTube to revitalize their brand for a younger audience with amazing results. The commercial was a hit by itself, but they kept the ball rolling on YouTube with more ridiculous viral shorts that all sport millions of hits online. Old Spice has held the title of Most Viral Brand of the Year 2010 and 2011, and is shooting for a third year in 2012 with their ridiculous campaigns and millions of fans.

Even if you can’t reproduce the power of Old Spice or the destructive qualities of a BlendTec blender, you can still take advantage of the power of video for your business. Businesses that supplement their blog and their webpages with video content on a regular basis will enjoy more hits and more sharable content that gets the attention they want. And if you’re too busy to juggle all of those content strategies at once, leave the writing to us and get to work on your own videos today!

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Andrew Glasscock is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. He graduated with a BA in English, specialized in Creative Writing, with a minor in Marketing this past May. Along with copywriting, he loves being an improv comedian, playing frisbee, and dogs.

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