The No Duplicate Copy Guarantee

We at Content Equals Money understand that few things in this world are more serious than plagiarism – particularly when it comes to writing for the internet. Websites that are found to have duplicate content by Google risk having their rankings dropped dramatically or even being removed from the algorithm altogether.

Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

In order to enhance our customers’ confidence in the writing that Content Equals Money produces, we are pleased to offer a $500 no-duplicate content guarantee. Essentially, if any of our pieces are discovered to be dupe (plagiarized) from a previous source, we owe you $500 per piece.

How can we be sure that our pieces are dupe-free? We run each and every one of our pieces through a program called Copyscape, which searches the entire internet for duplicate content. Of course, there are common words, phrases, and idioms that appear throughout the English language – but even so, original writing usually passes at below 2% duplicate in Copyscape.

We’re dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality, original writing that increases ranking and conversions. The $500 no-dupe guarantee is just one way we prove it.

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