The Value of Fresh Website Content

Unique content gets attention from othersThere are plenty of articles circling the web that discuss the value of content.  Content is king on the web, after all, and God forbid you forget to mention that in your article!

What many articles are missing, however, is the reference to fresh content.  If content is king, then fresh content is the towering empire that defeats him.

There are two distinct components to pay attention to when considering the definition of fresh website content:

1)     Plagiarism and Duplicate Content

There is nothing special or engaging about stealing an article from another website and posting it as your own.  Plagiarism is not only morally and ethically unsound, but it also takes away from the reliability and reputation of a website.

Unfortunately, this happens quite frequently and can lead to entire search result pages which link to a single article.  This is frustrating for web users and only makes them lose respect for the publishers.

Even those articles that have not been completely plagiarized can lead to issues of duplicate content.  Changing a word here or there does not a new article make, but you can take bits and pieces from published articles and use them to form new ideas for your website content.

2)     Introducing New Ideas

The key to fresh content is introducing new ideas.  Building on articles that have already been published is far from plagiarism, and is actually a great method of presenting information and instigating discussion.

The most engaging website content, however, will be that which can really take readers by surprise and impress them with originality and passion.  There is nothing that can excite a web user like finding something new and hot, and they will surely share such content with all of their friends.  That is, after all, how things go viral!


It may seem like regularly creating fresh website content can be a tedious and overwhelming task, but the results are well worth it.  You will surely notice a difference between the user engagement associated with a regurgitated article, and that associated with something innovative and unfamiliar.


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