An SEO’s Cheat Sheet for Time Sensitive Pages

timely contentAlthough I am definitely a big supporter of evergreen content, it’s clear that no SEO strategy is complete without a healthy dose of time sensitive material. By that I mean content that relates to current events, trends, and concerns in your industry. Readers want to see that you are engaged and active, but time sensitive posts also give you some extra SEO benefits.

Evergreen content is the solid backbone that supports your site and gives it longevity, but timely material is the exciting content that draws in new readers and encourages them to engage with your brand. The combination of these two types of content gives your SEO strategy an edge in the rankings.

SEO Tricks

As you publish time sensitive posts, you’ll probably notice that they have a more immediate payoff than evergreen content. In order to make the most of that buzz, make sure to optimize your timely pages! Sometimes the same strategies work for both types of content, but you might consider modifying your strategy a little bit when you post time sensitive material. Here are a few pointers:

  • Move quickly to get your posts up. People are looking for information right now, so there’s no time to waste! As soon as you get your post up, you can start applying SEO best practices in order to draw attention to your work. Also, it sometimes takes Google a day or two to start analyzing new pages, so you need as much time as possible to get your rank higher.
  • Don’t get rid of a page just because the event you wrote about is in the past! If you do, you’ll lose the SEO benefits that you gained from the page. There’s always the chance that the information might become relevant again, but you can also find ways to modify the content and make it evergreen.

Pre-Planning Timely Content

If you struggle to keep up with current events in your industry, you could also consider incorporating timely content into your SEO strategy that is based on seasonal events that you can predict. For instance, you know that families are going to go on vacation in the summer and that people buy gifts for loved ones around Christmas time.

These seasonal events can inspire content that will seem relevant even if it is entirely pre-planned. If you’re leaning towards this type of timely post, be sure to use data to gain an understanding of your potential readers.

So is it worth it to invest time and energy into time sensitive material that may become obsolete in a few weeks? If you leverage that content in order to gain conversions, then it’s absolutely worth the effort!

Amanda DiSilvestro recently wrote an article with even more advice about time sensitive posts. What do you think?

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