How Topsy’s Twitter Archive Benefits You

spinning topSince the first tweet was posted in 2006, about 425 billion tweets have been posted on Twitter. With those numbers, it would seemingly be impossible to create a record of all of these tweets for search and data analysis. However, social media analytics company Topsy has done just that. With their completely comprehensive Twitter archive, Topsy offers the full Twitter history at your fingertips. This Twitter archive has huge benefits for brands, as it can be used for superior data analysis of how various content performs on Twitter, enabling improvement for the future.

The Twitter Archive

As one of just four companies that are certified to resell data from Twitter, Topsy previously only had an archive that went back to 2010. However, they have recently been able to index the entirety of Twitter since the first tweet in 2006. While you can search on Twitter, these results only go back as far as one week and favor posts that the Twitter algorithm deems more important. Prior to Topsy’s index, this type of data has never been available in an accessible manner.

With Topsy’s Twitter archive, you can easily both find real-time indexing of posts on Twitter and search the entire history of Twitter for older content. Topsy’s service also offers analysis of all of these tweets, with real-time data for current activity. While the full database is available to the public for search, its functionality is limited for free users. It will only show the top 100 tweets for any given search, but it will show how often a search term was used over the last 30 days. With a Topsy Pro account, you can access the more in-depth analytics tools that Topsy is known for.

How It Benefits Brands

The Twitter archive is very beneficial for brands because it allows you to see in-depth analysis of all of your marketing campaigns from start to finish. This means that you can gauge how customers responded to certain posts, what led to greater engagement, and what had negative results. With this data, you can then plan improved marketing campaigns for the future. With its most advanced analysis tools, Topsy draws in huge annual subscription fees of $12,000. While this may be a high price to pay, it shows that Topsy is providing a valuable service to marketers. Even Twitter itself utilizes the analytics tools that Topsy provides.

How will your brand use Topsy’s Twitter archive to improve your marketing campaigns?

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