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At Content Equals Money, we only hire college-educated, US-based writers, editors, and proofreaders. We have a passion for training our writers to exceed expectations and grow in their abilities during the time they’re with us, which is why we provide extensive ongoing training and feedback on every project. We believe in quality assurance through relentless training, experienced team members, and internal processes that ensure a flawless end product.

Every writer and editor must pass a challenging test with a 90% or above to be considered for our team. Both the writing and editing tests are timed and based on a 100-point scale.

Writers must show a natural ability to write coherent, fluid prose and conduct timely, accurate research. They must also prove their ability to transition quickly and easily between different topics.

Editors must pass a stringent timed test that assesses their ability to flawlessly edit content for grammar and various client specifications. They must also fact check and revise/rewrite when necessary.

After a successful interview, new writers and editors complete a bootcamp training before entering a 2-week probationary phase.

Writer Bootcamp Training

In addition to learning our company processes and style guide, new writers must read and write their way through an intense writer bootcamp training. During bootcamp, new Content Equals Money writers will:

  • Learn the proven formulas that result in readable content for web publication
  • Familiarize themselves with SEO and how it evolves, as well as the resources to stay current on SEO best practices
  • Discover ways to improve their own writing, such as eliminating filler words, fluff, and passive voice
  • Learn how to write magnetic headlines and enticing introductions
  • Discover tips for writing effective CTAs

And much more. All new Content Equals Money writers will complete practice blogs, articles, and other training exercises before accepting any work for clients. Writers will receive custom feedback from our Lead Editor before starting, as well as during, their 2-week probationary phase. New CEM writers will officially join the team after successful completion of writer bootcamp and the probationary period.

Editor Bootcamp Training

Content Equals Money understands that behind every great writer is a diligent, meticulous editor, which is why every piece of writing ordered goes through editing and proofreading processes before the final delivery.

After passing a grueling 2-hour test and an interview, new editors must complete editing bootcamp before beginning their 2-week probationary phase. During editing bootcamp, new editors learn the Content Equals Money house style guide and read up on the latest trends and expectations for SEO and best web writing practices.

Content Equals Money editors thrive in a deadline-intensive environment and have a passion for meeting client specifications and providing constructive feedback to our writers. After editors have been with Content Equals Money for over 90 days, they may be trained to proofread.

All writers and editors have continuous access to our Resource Page, which houses links to and information about all the latest trends in content marketing and web writing best practices. There’s no such thing as a struggling writer at CEM. Our ongoing trainings and weekly writer nurturing ensure that regardless of writer, client, or project, our team members have what they need to succeed.

Our success as a company is dependent on our commitment to excellence, which includes our desire to provide both standard and customized writer and editor trainings on an as-needed basis.

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