Tumblr Optimizes Mobile App for Trends & Ads

tumblr trendingThis past week, Tumblr brought major updates to their mobile app. The new version provides users with improved search capabilities as well as the option to explore current trends. In addition, the update allows users to easily follow recommended blogs in search. These updates to the mobile app are paving the way for advertisement optimization.

Searching Tags for Top Blogs

The new search and discovery features in the mobile app now allow users to search tags to find recommended blogs. Previously, when a user searched tags they would get results in the form of every blog post on Tumblr using that tag. Now, a tag search will also display top blogs for that tag. In addition, the new interface provides an easy option to follow recommended blogs. Though this update seems small, it is very useful for helping users find blogs to follow rather than just a slew of posts with similar content.

Discovering Current Trends

In addition to better search capabilities, the new discovery features include scrollable sections to see different tags and blogs that are currently trending. This involves a completely new interface with a discovery section that has thumbnails, along with the name of their tag. These can be flipped through horizontally to see a handful of the tags that are currently most popular on Tumblr. The thumbnails are very small, but they still feature animated GIFs and play buttons that link to popular videos. The addition of this section further enables users to discover new blogs on Tumblr that they may be interested in following.

Good For Their Advertising Strategy

These mobile updates appear to be the beginning of better mobile optimization for Tumblr’s current advertising strategy. The new discovery section with thumbnails of current trends could be used as paid advertising space, with high paying blogs for prominent advertisers taking the top spots. They could also add sponsored posts and blogs to the top of the list for trending tags. Tech Crunch has also noted that Tumblr will need to pay close attention to what top tags and blogs appear, because the website is known for having a significant amount of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content.

What other updates would you like to see for Tumblr’s mobile app?

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