Wolverine Tweaser Released: Will Hollywood Adopt Vine?

wolverine tweaser vineYou know something has a chance to really go big if Hollywood takes notice and starts using it themselves. Hollywood’s reach is seemingly infinite, and this is good news for Vine as it has very recently been used to promote a big blockbuster film. This is great news for the app and great news for marketers interested in Vine’s potential.

What’s a Tweaser?

When Twitter released Vine to the world, I was quick to write about how important it could be for Twitter and online marketing for businesses and agencies. There’s always a risk when new apps like this are released; sometimes really good looking ideas are simply not adopted. Vine has been growing steadily since released, and I have a feeling that’s going to continue after yesterday’s news out of Hollywood.

As Brian Anthony Hernandez writes on Mashable, “The Wolverine director James Mangold is a big tease. On Monday, he shared a six-second Vine” which was actually a teaser for a teaser. That’s Hollywood for you. Regardless of how crazy that sounds, it’s actually a great idea. Mangold’s use of Vine in this way is excellent. He even coined a new term for what he just did: A Tweaser. Anything a film (or business) can do to bring attention to itself, the better. The fact that the director knew how great of an idea this would be himself speaks for his insight into how useful Vine can be.

Very Important for Vine

As if it wasn’t obvious that I think this is a big step forward for Vine, I’m not alone. Josh Constine at TechCrunch writes, ” While some brands have already jumped on Vine, don’t be surprised if you start seeing tweasers for more movies, TV shows, sporting events and video games.” Heck, I’d go as far to say you can expect to see Vine usage up a great deal for users and marketers. It’s very important that more users adopt Vine as well, both for Twitter and for those who want to market with Vine. The more users, the better the outreach.

Even Google is Taking Notice

The latest news from Google shows the growing influence of Vine online. Anita Li on Mashable reports that “Google+ announced Monday that members can now use animated GIFs for their profile photos.” As low-tech and old as GIFs are, there’s just something about them that people love. The same goes for Vine and it’s limited 6-second length. Maybe it’s the challenge of creating something meaningful in so confined a space that makes GIFs and Vine videos so attractive.

Regardless, people like GIFs, and they like Vine. If you’re curious about how you can start using Vine right away for your business or agency, I’ve got a list of five things you can do right now. I’m really happy to see Vine being adopted and used more and more. Hopefully its use in Woleverine starts a much stronger trend in Hollywood, and in online marketing in general. I bet Twitter sure is happy.

Oh, and if you’re craving 14 more seconds of Wolverine, the full teaser is out on MTV.

What do you think about the Tweaser? Is Vine poised to rapidly grow in popularity?

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