Twitter’s Ads and Vine App Are Booming

vine twitterTwitter has had a busy past few weeks. The social media site was one of the primary sources of information and communication for the country during the events in Boston, especially during the hunt and capture of the marathon bombing suspects. But in terms of its practicality for businesses, agencies, and more, Twitter and its Vine app has been achieving some impressive milestones and numbers lately.

Vine Rising

As I wrote on the CEM blog after the marathon bombings, Vine was, as far as I know, the first location for clips of video footage of the explosions that shocked the country. In the past Vine has been used very creatively by brands across the country. Now it looks like Vine is really picking up steam.

The music industry – specifically Jason Derulo – is going full-force with Vine marketing in a clever way. As Christine Erikcson on Mashable writes, “Jason Derulo is one of the first musicians to use Vine for a release” and that as part of the Vine campaign, “fans are encouraged to create Vines using clips of the song.” Those who make the best and most creative Vines will be featured in a special fan video. This is a great way to use Vine; turning your customers into advocates is one of the main benefits of using Vine.

As Derulo told Mashable, “Vine allows me to connect with my fans in a very unique way. It enables me to get really creative.” This isn’t reserved only for musicians. Vine helps businesses and agencies connect with their fans and customers in many unique ways. If you think it’s corny and ineffective, this next bit of news might change your mind.

Vine in the White House

For the White House Science Fair, the White House unveiled its very first Vine. If you think there’s no room for Vine in your business or agency, you might want to rethink that. This app has gone from nothing to the White House in less than a year. Heck, it even got lots of press during Earth Day.

More importantly, a few weeks ago Stan Schroeder reported that Vine is the top free app on iPhone’s app store. That’s an impressive feat. That also means that lots and lots of people are starting to hop on the Vine bandwagon. You should, too.

Twitter Ad Upgrades Are Attracting Big Business

In even better news for Twitter, its recent ad changes and possibility for future video advertising are bringing in some serious business from a very large agency. According to Peter Kafka at All Things D, Starcom MediaVest Group has penned a deal with Twitter “to give its clients “special access to preferred advertising slots, research and data, and new products.”

It should be telling to learn that Starcom, a very large agency, has deemed Twitter worth spending what is rumored to be over $200 million dollars “over at least two years.” That demonstrates an important point. Twitter has been making changes that improve its ability to reach customers and businesses, and agencies are taking notice. Not only that, but they’re putting money down. It will be interesting to see what sort of numbers Twitter posts in the next quarter!

Are You Taking Full Advantage of Twitter?

With improvements to its ad offerings and the amazing flexibility of its free Vine app, Twitter is a powerful marketing, branding, and customer service tool. There are a lot of tools available with Twitter that reward creativity and commitment, whether enhanced with advertising dollars or done freely. If you’re just tweeting here and there, you might want to reconsider your Twitter strategy. I don’t see Twitter going anywhere but up in the future.

What do you think of Vine? Has it gone mainstream and is it a viable marketing tool? What does the big deal with Starcom mean for Twitter and other agencies?

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