Twitter Brings Beta Testing to Android Phones

twitter betaDo you want to be able to try out experimental features on Twitter? If you’re an Android user, you can. For the Twitter App in the Google Play store on Android, Twitter is now allowing users who sign up to beta test new features. This means that you will get to see new features before they appear, or even features that don’t make it past the experimental phase. Not only is this fun for users, but it is also a great way for Twitter to receive direct feedback and determine if new features will be well-received. Facebook also introduced beta testing on Android in June, and Twitter appears to be keeping up with the times.

How to Sign Up

CNET has provided a helpful guide on how to become a Twitter beta tester on Android. First, you have to join this Google Group. After that, you can visit this link and click on “Become a Tester” to opt in. You will have to be approved to become a beta tester, and you will not be able to begin testing immediately. When the next beta build is sent out by Twitter, you will be notified, and this test version will replace the regular Twitter app on your Android phone.

Before signing, up you should remember that you can only run either the beta or the stable version of Twitter on your Android phone. This means that you could face instability in your Twitter app or bugs. However, you will have the benefit of seeing and testing new features before they are widely launched or given up.

Potential New Features

In the beta version of Twitter, who knows what new potential features may appear! Recently, Twitter has both changed the layout of the feed with a new conversation view and tested a “TV Trending” section above the timeline. Twitter has indicated that they will be trying out a lot of new features in the near future. While Twitter did not comment directly on their beta program, they have responded by pointing to their blog post that discusses “innovation through experimentation.” This seems to imply that Twitter is planning to make good use of the Android beta testing program for a wide variety of potential features.

Will you be a beta tester for Twitter? What new features would you like to see?

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