Twitter Buys Trendrr to Expand TV Ad Plans

twitter and tvAs I discussed in a previous CEM blog post, Twitter has been expanding its advertising strategy with the TV ad targeting program. In another move toward this goal, Twitter recently purchased Trendrr, an analytics company that tracks real-time data on social media engagement that involves content on TV. Experts have noted that this is partially a move toward more focus on TV advertising as well as a competitive play against Facebook.

Trendrr: Real-Time Data

Trendrr is a company that provides analytics services to big names such as MTV, ABC, Univision, and Telemundo. Twitter chose to purchase Trendrr because of their focus on real-time social media data. In addition, Trendrr already has a product that is specific to and certified by Twitter called Curatorr. This program allows brands to discover what tweets are most relevant during a specific event, such as the VMAs, which saw significant activity on Twitter.

Twitter’s Focus on TV

Along with its recent acquisition of Bluefin Labs, Twitter is rapidly expanding its TV ad targeting program and focus on TV and social media analytics. The popular social media site has a clear goal of both bringing in more advertising revenue and increasing user engagement through the significant relationship between TV viewership and Twitter activity. While other social networks have expressed interest in this connection too, Twitter is moving at a much faster pace in this goal.

Competition With Facebook

As All Things D notes, Twitter’s purchase of Trendrr is a great move against Facebook. Similarly to Twitter, Facebook has also been discussing future goals of social television. The Trendrr purchase effectively removes this useful tool from Facebook’s reach. In the past few weeks, one study from Trendrr benefited Facebook with results showing that the network had five times more discussion about TV than Twitter. With Twitter’s purchase, Trendrr will no longer bring its analytical tools to other companies; while Trendrr will continue its current contracts, these will not be renewed after they expire.

Do you think the future of Twitter advertising lies in TV?

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