Twitter Continues Revenue Expanding Moves with Cards

twitter cardsJust yesterday I was writing about the impressive revenue numbers out of Twitter for the year and the predictions for more to come. Oh, there was also Twitter’s rework of its Business Home page to help more people make an easier jump into marketing with their service. It appears that Twitter isn’t finished with making improvements to increase revenues (is any business?). Today the news is reporting even more changes to Twitter, especially to Twitter Cards.

A Mobile Focus

At a special developer event not open to the public, Twitter made a few announcements yesterday evening. According to Emily Price at Mashable, one of the biggest updates out of Twitter was the addition of “mobile app deep-linking in Cards, which allows users to tape a link on Twitter” and be able to “view content directly within an app” if the app is installed on their phone. Don’t have the app? The user will then be redirected to install it.

This move adds even more versatility to the Cards aspect of tweeting. Previously, Cards worked outside of mobile to provide links and info to external sources, like links to ordering a product attached to the “tweets that link to your content.” This function is a great tool for businesses and agencies to utilize the incredible ability Twitter has for sharing info with tons of people very quickly. This method provided a great way to use others tweets about your services and products as a way to get exposure.

Even More Benefits

Now that Cards work on mobile, Twitter has further expanded the usefulness of its mobile ads. No wonder their mobile ad revenues are predicted to increase immensely in the next few years. The fact that mobile Cards will take browsers to an easy app install link if they don’t already have your app means that people can simply and quickly get your app on their mobile device, further exposing them to your brand without bothering them or making things difficult.

Another great benefit involves the fact that this move brings Twitter closer to app developers. Drew Olanoff at TechCrunch writes that this increased cooperation and the new Cards “will keep users within Twitter more” and improve “tracking engagement analytics” for any company. Additionally, this enables Twitter to gather “more revenue for promoted tweets” because it will be an effective and quick way to increase app installs.

 Twitter an Even More Impressive Marketing Tool

Twitters is quickly becoming more and more effective of a marketing tool for businesses and agencies no matter what field they operate in. It’s still the fastest growing social media network and it has a lot of unique things going for it at the moment. Twitter’s active engagement in improving its ad services are a welcome sight, and a sign that it’s a good idea to invest in using Twitter for your business.

If you want even more in-depth explanations or descriptions of the changes Twitter has made to Cards, check out their blog and put your reading glasses on.

Do you plan on using Twitter Cards in your mobile marketing?

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