Twitter Improves Small Business and Self-Service Advertising

Twitter advertisingTwitter is the fastest growing social media site. In recent weeks and months it has shown how well it can be harnessed in branding, content marketing, and advertising. The great tweets during the Super Bowl, the introduction of Vine to the service, and its rapidly growing numbers indicate that the platform has as much potential as it ever had to be used by agencies and businesses to reach their customers. Now Twitter is helping small businesses and self-service advertisers with new features and changes.

What’s Twitter Up To?

Last night Twitter released information about the changes it’s implementing in order to make advertising for small businesses more effective, and easier to analyze. As PC World reports, “Twitter is beefing up its self-service ad platform to give smaller businesses more targeting and analytic tools to reach potential customers on the site.”

Twitter has been doing an excellent job improving its advertising and analytics tools. This latest move shows that Twitter isn’t just about catering to the large companies and agencies but also to the thousands of small businesses that could benefit from Twitter’s timeliness and active user base. If you’d rather hear it from the horse’s mouth, check out Twitter’s blog post, but I’ll be breaking down the most important changes below.

Changes Are Impressive and Very Useful

We’re not talking about little tweaks or additions to Twitter’s ad services. The changes they are undertaking are significant and important for small businesses. Twitter is really getting into their belief that they “want brands to be able to target their ads effectively,” as Drew Olanoff writes for TechCrunch. With that in mind, Twitter’s new changes are excellent.

The two primary ways of targeting users in the new features is by advice and by interests. An advertiser can now target specifically iOS devices or any other device accessing Twitter if it is more relevant to do so, say for an iOS-only app. Before, only larger companies had the option to do this on Twitter. This means that businesses and agencies can make specific device-based landing pages for their Twitter campaigns and be able to track results much easier.

Also of importance is the fact that “Twitter has opened up its advanced campaign tools to all US advertisers.” This is great for any small business or agency looking to utilize Twitter more frequently and effectively. Now anyone can base their targeting on any account on Twitter. Twitter’s blog post uses the example of a golf pro shop promoting itself through the targeting of users similar to the ones who follow GolfDigestMag. This new technique makes targeting a lot easier.

Last but not Least

One additional change which is very beneficial in terms of targeting is the fact that now you can target your ads and/or campaign by gender. No need to waste spending on a demographic that has little to no interest in your brand, services, or products.

Combine all of these changes together and it looks like Twitter is taking seriously the idea that advertisers should have as much control as possible when they create their advertising campaigns and when they analyze them. The latest changes are a great move for Twitter and the businesses which now have more control over their advertising. I can only see their ad services getting better in the future as well.

What do you think about Twitter’s new ad changes? Will you be utilizing Twitter more frequently for advertising?

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