Twitter’s New Ads API Service to Improve Ads

Twitter ads APIBuying ads online can be an easy and effective process. Or it can be bit more troublesome. It all depends on the interface and on the system that the platform in question uses to create its ads. APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, have been gaining in popularity over the years; Facebook unveiled its own in 2010 and it was a great success for the company and those who used it. Late yesterday another social media platform, Twitter,  unleashed a long-awaited Ads API for third party developers and companies to utilize.

Twitter Ads API

Twitter continues to experience impressive growth. Its ads are currently generating revenue that grows yearly as well. Twitter is as popular as it ever has been, and probably more than ever. Last night, Benny Evangelista for the San Francisco Chronicle summarized, “In a move that should widen its revenue stream, Twitter Wednesday made it easier for advertisers to manage ad campaigns” on the service. This is a welcome change for businesses and especially for agencies looking to get more control of and develop more in-depth and detailed advertising campaigns on Twitter.

Essentially, the changes and improvements with the Twitter Ads API means that third parties (aka the agencies that work with online businesses every day) will be able to “connect directly with Twitter’s ad platform to manage Promoted Tweet and Promoted Account campaigns,” Evangelista again reports.

It’s surprising to me that Twitter had not done this before now. The new Twitter Ads API I’m sure is a welcome change for agencies all over the web. It’s going to make successful advertising and ad campaigns on Twitter much more accessible to any business looking to go through with one.

Ads API In Action

If you’re looking for an example of how much of an impact this new Ad API could make on Twitter, April Dembosky and Tim Bradshaw at CNN have one. They report that after the power outage at the Super Bowl this year, “it took four minutes … for the first “Promoted Tweet” to appear.” April and Tim quote Simon Mansell who states that if the Ad API was active for that event the time “could be reduced to as little as four seconds, through greater automation.” Talk about timely tweets.

I think the API is only going to improve ad service on Twitter. The company seems to have a solid plan moving forward. April Underwood, Twitter’s product manager for revenue, was quoted in the same article stating that Twitter’s focus “has been on delivering better ads for users, not more ads” and that “[Twitter’s] system rewards marketers for being good, not for being loud.” I like that mentality.

Don’t Get Too Excited, Yet

Unfortunately we all can’t jump up and down in celebration of the Twitter Ads API just yet. Right now Twitter has limited who will be working with the API, and will most likely add more partners gradually. As Todd Wasserman wrote last night, “It’s unclear how long Twitter will work with just a handful of companies” and that, unlike much of its competition, Twitter “isn’t in a great hurry to monetize its platform.” In the high-speed pace of the internet, it seems like Twitter is taking its time and thinking things through.

Do you plan on using Twitter’s Ad API when its released to all?


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