Twitter Now Provides Option for Multiple Timelines

Twitter Official Twitter, now a freshly public company, enjoyed a great deal of press recently about its IPO. Overall, the IPO was a success and it appears that going public isn’t going to slow down improvements to Twitter in any way. Yesterday, Twitter unveiled Twitter Events and added some important functionality to its services, especially for businesses and agencies looking to better organize their campaigns on Twitter.

Twitter Events / Twitter Custom Timelines

Twitter has been a social media platform that has relied on spur of the moment interactions to really shine for personal users as well as for businesses. During big events like the Super Bowl and the Olympics, businesses have been able to reach thousands of people on the web with clever branding messages and advertising. During natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, tornadoes, and earthquakes, Twitter can be used as a powerful emergency tool.

As of Tuesday, this powerful aspect of Twitter is more directly available to the businesses and organizations that use the platform. Twitter “announced a new ‘Custom Timelines,’ effectively giving organizations the power to curate their own Twitter streams,” as Mike Isaac reports on All Things D.

Benefits of Custom Timelines and Events

The new capabilities of Twitter’s Custom Timelines means that businesses and organizations will have a lot more control over making sure the best material related to an event (even an event they make up on their own) will show up when users check their feeds. As Jason Fell writes on Entrepreneur, companies will be able to create a custom timeline, “around a specific event or topic” and “choose the tweets to add to [their] timelines.”

To me, it seems like these lists will help Twitter create more content that isn’t about immediacy and timeliness. These lists of tweets can be viewed well after the fact and still be relevant either when they’re still timely and, depending on the topic of the list, long after they fall out of that definition of timely. Even better is that the custom timelines can be embedded or linked to on any website!

More Changes on the Way?

When Facebook went public (even though it had a rough start) it ended up making change after change to its website for users, businesses, and advertisers. I think that Twitter is likely to end up doing the same throughout the coming months as it continues to evolve. It has to in order to appeal to investors and to keep its now public stock up.

The recent change along with some others in the past seem to me to be about providing all of the features a person or business would need straight from Twitter and not from any third-party apps or interfaces. Keep an eye out for custom timelines to be adopted by users and businesses this week and onward!

How will you use Twitter’s Custom Timelines?

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