Will Twitter Outshine Facebook with TV Ad Targeting?

tv ad targeting twitterIn his post on changes in advertising last week, Patrick discussed Twitter’s expansion of their TV ad targeting service. Since the beta launch in May, TV ad targeting has proven to be a huge success for the companies that tried the new service. Twitter has now expanded TV ad targeting for general use in the U.S. by any advertisers who run national TV commercials. TV ad targeting is very beneficial, showing a higher level of engagement than TV advertising alone. This service is an innovative technique in combining older forms of advertising with social media engagement.

How TV Ad Targeting Works

With new technology provided by BlueFin labs, a company that provides TV analytics (acquired by Twitter in February), Twitter can track when and during what shows certain ads are airing. Next, they also track what users are tweeting about these shows. Those users are then targeted with Twitter advertisements that complement the TV ad. These Twitter ads can be promoted and shared throughout the network, providing social media engagement with the company and other users.

Twitter vs. Facebook

Twitter’s expansion of their TV ad targeting service had prompted discussions about whether or not Twitter is now surpassing Facebook in terms of innovative advertising strategies. This style of advertising is conducive to the setup of Twitter as a social media network. The widespread use of hashtags and less extensive privacy settings enable more connection between strangers, which is useful when targeting users that are united by the TV shows they enjoy rather than personal relationships. Facebook, however, seems to be moving toward a similar approach with the introduction of hashtags as well as Graph Search.

The Benefits of TV Ad Targeting

TV ad targeting has many benefits to advertisers because it takes TV advertising from passive to active. Studies from the beta version found that following up a TV advertisement with a promoted tweet led to a 58% increase in consumers’ intent to purchase. In addition, Twitter found that this pairing led to a 95% increase in message association. The social media engagement factor of Twitter allows users to actually discuss the ads they are viewing in tandem with connecting to users who enjoy the same TV shows. This leads to better engagement with the brand and greater possibility that the user will make a purchase.

Does your business plan to take advantage of TV ad targeting?

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