Facebook Pulls Ahead of Twitter in Social TV Battle, But Can It Win the War?

When it comes to harnessing the social TV market, Facebook and Twitter are continuing to battle it out. A recent report shows that Facebook may be pulling ahead in this fight. Produced by both Facebook and SecondSync, a firm that works with social media television analytics, it provides a first look at the wealth of data Facebook is capable of … [Read more...]

Twitter Now Provides Option for Multiple Timelines

Twitter, now a freshly public company, enjoyed a great deal of press recently about its IPO. Overall, the IPO was a success and it appears that going public isn't going to slow down improvements to Twitter in any way. Yesterday, Twitter unveiled Twitter Events and added some important functionality to its services, especially for businesses and … [Read more...]

What’s Up With the Twitter IPO

The Twitter-verse has been extremely interesting lately. For starters, there is a tweeting bra out there in the universe. (Before anybody gets all hot and bothered, a Greek ad agency created the handle to promote breast cancer awareness.) By far the biggest news, however, has been about Twitter’s initial public offering.The Twitter IPO: The … [Read more...]

Teen Twitter Use Rises While Facebook Use Drops

The data is in, and American teens have spoken – Twitter is more important to them than Facebook. According to the most recent semi-annual report by Piper Jaffray, teens prefer Twitter to Facebook, but Instagram is beginning to rise in popularity, too. With Facebook’s popularity dwindling, many are wondering if Facebook is the new MySpace; however, … [Read more...]

Honda Does Battle with Oreo to Promote New Car Feature

Have you seen the advertisements for the HondaVAC, now available in the tricked out version of the 2014 Honda Odyssey? A small band of anthropomorphic crumbs and detritus chills out on the carpeted floor boards of a minivan, chatting about how good life is. Midway through the dialogue, a mom-wielded vacuum sucks them up. The kicker? The vacuum is … [Read more...]

Twitter Quitters: Why People Stop Tweeting

We talk a lot about how Twitter can be an incredibly useful social media outlet for individuals and companies alike. (Or, you know, so I am told.) Still, many people just cannot wrap their minds around the whole Twitter thing. Still others try Twitter for a while only to discover that they still cannot comprehend its utility. In fact, there are a … [Read more...]