Use an Experienced SEO Writer

The importance of using an experienced SEO writer cannot be pushed enough. Even though SEO has recently taken a backseat to personalized results, it is still a powerful weapon. Without any sort of SEO there is no way personalized results can help you or your business.

SEO also provides a backbone to your site that lends to its usability. When done correctly SEO only makes your site better, not worse. There is simply no reason not to implement an intelligent SEO strategy along with your content marketing.

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That’s why our team of writers is constantly learning the newest techniques in SEO. We are also always testing and tweaking our clients’ SEO strategies for optimal performance. Whether we act as an addition to or as your complete SEO solution, we are always keeping our eyes on the bottom line and your conversions.

Remember, being an SEO writer is more than how to follow the rules; it’s about making the rules work for you. Without seamlessly integrating SEO terms into your top shelf copy, you could be wasting powerful links. And frankly, you never know when you might get picked up by a powerful social person or platform.

A random retweet could bring you thousands of hits overnight, which could lead to hundreds of backlinks. If your writer was lazy that day and forgot to set up backlinks before your post went live you could miss out on that opportunity.

That’s why it is so important to be producing top shelf content 100% of the time. You wouldn’t want to miss that one opportunity to impress a potential client. And you need to know the rules to make them work for you.

Even though we aren’t an official “SEO Company,” our content marketing overlaps quite a bit with SEO. Which means we spend a lot of time learning and teaching on the subject. We’d love to talk about what SEO can do for your holistic content marketing strategy.

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