How You Can Use Tumblr’s New Search Function for More Leads

tumblrFor years, Tumblr has been a little notorious in the social media world for its faulty search function. Previously, when users tried to search content on Tumblr, they would be stuck searching within the tags of individual posts – a function that, while navigable, did not allow for a really solid way to search the site. With the tag search system, users have had to come up with all kinds of workarounds, using many different hashtags in each individual post and even incorporating common misspellings.

The Revamp

Tumblr’s new search function has lots of good about it – basically, it’s far easier than ever to search for content on this popular blogging platform. With the new search engine, Tumblr users can input multiple tags when searching for a topic. Inputting any given search phrase (let’s say, “web content”) will return posts both tagged with “#web content” and that mention “web content.”

Of course, if you still want to search the old way, you can always search for “#web content” and limit your search to posts that are hashtagged that way. Additionally, the “tracked tags” feature allows users to keep up with what’s happening with any given hashtag.

The search page itself has been redesigned. Instead of showing posts chronologically one by one, the layout is now in a grid – clean and elegant rather than messy endless scrolling for content. Additionally, Tumblr now has a “Filter” menu, so that users can search for content by post type (videos, text, images, audio posts, quotes) and discover new blogs with a “related blogs” section.

What This Means for Businesses

This is great news for businesses – because it means that you can make your content available to many more people. A lot of Tumblr users are continuing to tag their individual posts with multiple tags for archiving reasons or to keep in touch with a community that is using the same hashtag. However, due to the huge expansion of the search function on Tumblr, it is easier than ever to search for and discover brand new content.

How might you leverage Tumblr’s new search function?

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