Guest Post: 5 Ways to Use Video in Content Marketing

video content marketingIt’s hard to find a medium more powerful than video for reaching an audience. Visually oriented and compelling, videos often tell a company’s story more quickly and more clearly than plain text or even photographs. And with so many user-friendly, simple video tools available today, there’s never been a better time to begin using video in your own content marketing.

Here are five tools to get you started, along with actionable tips for implementing them today!

1. YouTube 

You’re probably already using YouTube – most brands are. Both a site for watching videos and a tool to embed video on your own website, YouTube has a whopping 450 million unique monthly visitors worldwide. It’s one of the most popular sites on the Web, with the added power of Google behind it. Best of all, it’s free.

2. Vimeo

Vimeo isn’t free like YouTube, and it’s not nearly as popular, with something like 17 million unique monthly visitors. But, a paid Vimeo account does offer certain advantages: priority uploading; cleaner, faster videos; and a video player customized with your logo and branding.

Tips for Using YouTube and Vimeo:

Here are the important questions with Vimeo and YouTube: Are you seeing results? Is posting a video leading to new website traffic, new leads, or more customers? If not, maybe it’s time to put some strategy into the way you use videos online. Consider these quick tips:

  • It’s not about big bucks: You don’t have to hire a Hollywood producer to see a strong ROI on online videos. Instead, use what you have to think strategically and create high-quality, low-cost videos.
  • Think variety: Make lots of videos to cast a wider net of interested users, and make videos of various lengths.
  • Optimize: Optimize the video titles and descriptions with keywords to receive the most SEO value.
  • Be social: Cross-promote videos on other social channels, and interact with fans and users as you can.
  • Convert, Convert, Convert: Focus on ways to make your videos convert into sales or subscribers.

3. Vine 

Launched as a sort of “Instagram but with video,” Vine is a smartphone app that allows users to quickly capture and post videos in a variety of locations at any time. Posts weave together nonconsecutive video content to create a montage, and followers may like and comment on what you post.

Tips for Using Vine:

Think of Vine as a media-driven form of the elevator pitch. In a mere few seconds, you have a chance to show followers more about your brand and what it stands for than you can with other marketing formats. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Show, don’t tell: Think of Vine as a perfect way to put this age-old advice into action. Show someone wearing your brand’s clothes; show your product in action; show why it’s valuable and cool.
  • Share news: It’s hard to find a more personal way to share company news with your audience than through video.
  • Collaborate: Get your fans involved by sponsoring a contest. Invite them to make some particular video and tag it with your hashtag. This promotes your brand and builds user engagement!

4. Facebook

Facebook is about more than video, sure – but did you know videos and pictures perform better on Facebook than any other content? Facebook actually ranks these types of content higher, giving them more weight in news feeds.

Tips for posting videos to Facebook:

Just because Facebook favors videos doesn’t mean Facebook favors all videos. Here are some tips for deciding what to post:

  • Be engaging: The key to power on Facebook is being genuinely interesting. The more engaged users become with your content, the more your content will spread. So post videos that you know resonate in some way with your audience.
  • Break it up: Don’t post only videos; diversify.
  • Use different types of videos: Likewise, don’t always post clips and don’t always post interviews. Feel free to post videos of various lengths and styles, so long as they appeal to your market.

5. Your Website

When it comes to your own website, the possibilities for video marketing are almost endless. From customer testimonials to blog posts, giving your audience custom videos is one more way to connect with them.

Tips for posting videos to your website:

Before you add video to your website, whether it’s on your company “about” page or in a new blog series, be sure you consider strategy. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Set goals: Don’t add videos to your website without a purpose. Know what you want the video to do – Explain a service? Sell a product? Show your personality?
  • Know your audience: While a cartoon may work on a children’s clothing store’s blog, it might not fare so well on an investment site. Be sure the style and tone of your video content matches your audience.
  • Enlist help: Making videos needn’t be hard or expensive, but if you need help, get it. Whether it’s an existing staff member or a new team, there’s nothing wrong with putting someone in charge of your company’s video needs.

Whichever video tool(s) you choose, one thing’s for sure: Using video in your marketing plan is good business. Consider some of the benefits of incorporating video into your content marketing plan, for example:

  • Video is cost-effective. With so many tools for sharing video at little or no cost, it only makes sense to take advantage of this medium.
  • Video is compelling. A video grabs attention and communicates large amounts of information quickly and clearly. Because of this, videos are more interesting to Web visitors and more shareable by social media users.
  • Video isn’t going away. People have been enjoying motion pictures since the late 1800s, and there’s no sign of video popularity going anywhere in the future but up.

Your Thoughts

Does your company already use video in its marketing materials? How? What results have you seen? Could incorporating video into your efforts change the way your online presence works?


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