Vine Finally Adds Saving & Editing Tools

vine-logoVine, the popular stop-motion video app, recently made two major updates that change the way it is used. Now allowing users to save drafts and edit their videos, brands just got a whole lot more control when it comes to marketing on Vine. These updates also help Vine stay in competition with Instagram Video, which already allowed editing for its videos.

The New Features

The Vine update included two new features: Sessions and Time Travel. With Sessions, users can save drafts of their videos (up to 10 at a time) to complete them later. The Sessions tools appears at the bottom menu as a sheet of paper. After tapping this, you can select whether you want to discard or save the draft you are working on. This allows you to move to another app or even quit the app without losing the video you were making. If you want to shoot another video after saving a draft, a simple swipe to the left will take you to a new viewfinder, which you can tap to shoot again.

Using Time Travel, users can edit their 6-second videos by removing, replacing, and reorganizing different shots. The Time Travel tool appears in the upper right corner of the screen. When you enter it, you will be provided with the different frames of your video in a timeline format. These can be dragged and dropped either to reorganize them or discard them into the trash can. The feature is called “Time Travel” because it can also be used for a rewind effect in which you shoot each frame twice and then change the order they appear in. Simply tap the Save option when you are done editing.

Competition With Instagram

Do these new features up the ante between Vine and Instagram Video? PCMag argues that the new features “take a direct jab at competitor Instagram.” In addition, TechCrunch notes that while this update does not follow any major updates from Instagram (their last update followed the launch of Instagram Video), the move toward editing is clearly competitive. Not being able to edit your videos on Vine has always been a core feature of the app, but the fact that their largest competitor also has this feature has given Vine incentive to change.

How This Benefits Brands

Whether users love or hate the new update, these features bring obvious benefits to brands marketing on Vine. Being able to save drafts and edit them allows you to spend less time on multiple takes to get your 6-second video just right and more time simply perfecting what you film the first time. The ability to reorganize your frames will also enable brands to craft more interesting and intricate stop-motion videos.

As CNET notes, these tools make Vine “more approachable to the masses.” They will also make Vine usage more accessible to brands. As we move into 2014, I predict that Vine will continue adding features that, while putting a special Vine spin on them, will make this app more of a competitor with Instagram and a more interesting social network for brands to take advantage of. Adding special effects or the ability to import photos and turn them into stop-motion videos are features that I think would be similar to, yet unique enough from Instagram to push Vine ahead.
How will these new features help your brand up its marketing game on Vine?

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