VMAs Bring Huge Surge In Activity To Twitter

vmasAt the VMAs, Miley Cyrus’s controversial performance drew a huge surge in activity across the web. Twitter especially saw an increase with record numbers of tweets per minute. As Twitter usage always sees an upswing during major televised events, experts are noting the relationship between TV viewership and Twitter activity as well as the great potential that this correlation holds for Twitter in terms of advertising. With Twitter’s rapid expansion of its focus on TV advertising, these numbers are sure to spark new advertising features on Twitter.

The Stats

During her VMA performance, Miley Cyrus drew a record number of 306,100 tweets per minute. In comparison, the Super Bowl blackout saw 231,000 tweets per minute, and last year’s presidential election night barely surpassed Miley’s performance at 327,452 tweets per minute. Along with Twitter, Google saw more than 10 million searches for Miley Cyrus the day after, compared to a mere 100,000 searches for Syria. Furthermore, BuzzFeed also reported a record amount of web traffic. Finally, Tumblr also saw a massive increase in activity, with 1.1 million users posting content containing keywords that were related to the VMAs.

What It Means

With total viewership for the VMAs at 10.1 million, causing it to rank as the top broadcast on cable for ages 12-34 during this year, what do these numbers mean? All Things D comments that this shows a clear relationship between TV viewership and Twitter activity. As a recent study by Nielson found, Twitter activity surrounding a televised event can lead to greater viewership of the show. This can definitely lead to increased advertising spending from brands on not only TV commercials but also promoted tweets and paid ads on Twitter. With the TV ad empire that Twitter appears to be building through recent purchases of Bluefin and Trendrr, TV is absolutely the next frontier for advertising on Twitter.

Did you use social media to talk about the VMAs? Have you noticed TV trending on Twitter?

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