3 Reasons That Voice Search Is Perfect for Local SEO

megaphoneEven though voice search is a fairly recent innovation, it is already making a mark in the world of SEO. Furthermore, it’s expected to continue gaining traction in the coming months and years. With products like Siri and Google Now offering better and better voice search options, voice search is poised to take over the field of search.

Local SEO stands to benefit greatly from the rise of voice search. Since voice search is still new, now is the time for local SEOs to start optimizing for voice search. Here are three of the top reasons that local SEOs should begin preparing for voice search today:

1. It’s All About Proximity

With local search, proximity is key. Undoubtedly you’ve heard that before. Did you know that the same rule applies to many voice searches? Since voice search is usually used on mobile devices, voice search queries are often related to the immediate, local needs of the searcher. For instance, someone might conduct a voice search for a local pizzeria or the best local plumber.

In order to optimize for this aspect of voice search, it’s important to make sure that details about your local business are readily accessible and consistent. Many voice searchers will gather all of their information without ever actually visiting a website, so you need to make sure that details such as your phone number, hours, location, and specialties are listed on your Google+ page.

2. You Can Offer Solutions

The trend towards using natural language in search reflects the fact that searchers want answers and solutions to their questions. Voice search is completely based on natural language queries, since voice searchers aren’t going to simply list a string of keywords.

Since search engines are doing everything they can to understand the intent behind queries, specific solutions are becoming even more important. For voice searches, local businesses are often the solution to the problem, so local search will continue to gain importance as voice search grows. Make sure that your online presence clearly states the services and products you offer that can solve problems for searchers.

3. There’s Less Competition

As voice search becomes more influential, natural language will continue to oust the traditional keyword approach to search. That means that keywords will keep on losing ground. Since most local SEOs aren’t able to compete for expensive, high-volume keywords anyway, voice search provides local businesses with a chance to target a broader, less competitive field of search keywords and phrases.

Think about what permutations of search terms that your target audience might use. In voice search, searchers are far more likely to use completely natural language. Your optimization efforts should now focus on the different possibilities that might be used naturally.

How is your local business optimizing for voice search?

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