How Walmart is Reaching the Hispanic Demographic

walmartJust a couple of months ago, Walmart hit its highest perception point among Hispanic Americans, which is a key target market for big box stores like this one. Walmart in particular has actually formed a partnership with Spanish-language giant Univision in order to better reach Hispanic consumers, and this work has definitely paid off for the company.

Walmart’s Efforts

Currently, Walmart targets Hispanic consumers by spending an annual $60 million on its advertising campaigns targeted at this demographic. In addition to these efforts, Walmart has enacted a three-year strategic partnership with Univision Communications. This involves store advertising targeted directly at the Latin@ community in the United States – a demographic that represents almost 10% of Walmart’s customers. As such, the partnership with Univision is helping Walmart with customized content for local, digital, and social marketing to target the Latin@ community.

The Importance of Targeted Marketing

Targeted marketing is basically another way to refer to highly personalized marketing that speaks to consumers on an individual level. The idea behind providing targeted content is that you reflect a deep understanding of your target demographic, which is exactly what Walmart is doing. For those who consume and enjoy targeted content, the excitement comes from seeing themselves reflected in the content itself. Targeted content shows consumers that businesses care about them.

For Walmart, this has definitely paid off. This year, Walmart received the title of Marketer of the Year from the Association of Hispanic Advertising, which is often referred to as the Voice of Hispanic Marketing. All in all, reaching American Latin@s is more important than ever as the nation becomes more and more multicultural, and Walmart is staying ahead of the game with its efforts.

Has your marketing strategy targeted a particular demographic?

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