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We work with firms of all sizes – from the two man shops to the 30 person crews. We love offering the scalability our clients so desperately need in order to succeed in this economy.

Let’s face it. Working in the creative field is anything but steady. You could have 20 clients one month, 40 the next, and 30 the month after that. The variables affecting your company are big, and the list of them goes on forever. This makes hiring full-time employees a hurdle and a major risk. Even in the best of circumstances, you’ll be paying for time that the person isn’t working.

That’s why we’re here!

Have you ever been on the phone, about ready to land a big client, and were worried about how to get their campaign done on time and on budget?

Or maybe a long-term, favorite client of yours has a Friday afternoon emergency. Are your staff writers gone for the weekend?

Imagine the strength and power in negotiation you will have when your writing needs are completely delegated. Beyond a weight off your shoulders, it provides you with the extra flexibility to go out and land any client you can.

Don’t worry about having an in-house writer for each new industry you are tackling. Leave those worries to Content Equals Money.

Don’t worry about making payroll in months that your client roster shrinks. Remember, we’re on call – not on contract.

Every business needs scalability, and that is exactly what we provide.

To learn more about our company, check out our blog, which is updated 3-4 times a day with industry news, strategies and techniques to help your agency dominate in 2013!

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