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Content writing, writing servicesIf you’ve got a website for your business, your primary operative is likely to turn that website into a place of solid conversion.  Most businesses don’t have websites simply for their health, after all – they want to use it as a way to positively (and dramatically) affect the bottom line.  The good news is that there are a variety of tips and tricks available for you to use when creating your own content – or things to watch for when you’re working with a content writer – that can help you make your website content something that converts.

At Content Equals Money, we speak ad nauseum about the benefits and real conversion differences that good website content can engender: How to Use Content Writing to Get Conversions on My Website.  Of course, as a writing company, this is what we’re geared to do.  However, it’s not just us – check out this awesome post at to get some great tips on how best to structure your website content.

But if you want tips on what to put in your content, you’ve come to the right blog post.  Here’s a list of quick and dirty tips that all content writers keep in their pockets when they’re looking to deliver hard-hitting copy for a client’s website:

·     Remember your reader’s scan.  Most individuals who are surfing the web are not up for a Dickens-style information session.  You need to be able to direct your consumer to the “points” of the article or blog that are most relevant.  A good way to do this is through the use of headers – that way a reader’s skimming eye goes straight to the information that is relevant to them.

·     Listen to the experts – don’t make your readers swim.  If you haven’t heard of Jakob Nielson, you should definitely do some reading.  He’s one of the web’s most respected usability experts, and content is a big part of making a website usable.  What does he have to say on the matter?  Check it out: “As goal-oriented people, web users want to get to their destination, find the interesting or useful information they’re looking for, and move on. They don’t have the time or the inclination to wade through a sea of text that never gets to the point.”

Essentially, web writing needs to get straight to the point, all the time.  Don’t waste energy on filler – find a web writer who can help you craft unique and intelligent copy that gets the reader to the point on time, every time.

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