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By now, you’ve probably heard that social media is the future of marketing more times than a Twitter overachiever can RT (retweet) exhaustively posted content. Social networking. New media outlets. Online strategies. These terms ring familiar to anyone with a basic internet connection and two functioning eyeballs, but how knowledgeable are we, really, of what social media means for our social future?

It’s an inquiry I’ve been giving significant thought to lately. This week, I was privileged enough to climb aboard the good ship Content Equals Money, and as a crew member, I’ll be swabbing the social decks to connect with other content writers, writing services, and freelance job providers. Together, we are building a community driven by the backbone of content writing, and social networking is the catalyst by which we develop name recognition for our high-quality brand.

Indeed, there is much emphasis on the “social” portion of this job description, with the irony of course being that in careers such as these – content writing, social media marketing, etc – most entrepreneurs are afforded the ability to work from home whilst flapping their social butterfly wings to great success. Admittedly, it seems like something of a disconnect: to work from the confines of one’s bedroom while branching out to thousands, or millions, if one should be so fortunate. But this is the reality of an Internet-based sphere we all occupy. Truly, there can be no doubt about the widespread influence of connecting with like-minded individuals through a series of fiber-optics and flashing lights, we don’t just have to hear terms like “social media marketing” tossed around as casually as a frisbee at a hippie convention: we’re living them each and every moment of our lives. However witting or unwitting the old guard may be about “traditional” facets of communication and marketing, we’ve all drunk the Kool-Aid, and I, for one, am ready to start savoring the aftertaste.

For this, my inaugural blog post in the CEM realm, I would like to leave you all with this pearl of insight: social media is here to guide you, not to derail you. Its purpose is intended for a plurality of societal togetherness and progress, not discord and distraction. We are starting and continuing a conversation in which everyone, not just a select few, is invited to participate. We are standing on the precipice of something greater than the individual parts of our whole, and while some may be tempted to dismiss aspects of the social media revolution as frivolous, the fact remains that tweeting and facebooking now say more about where we are headed as a people than what a mere 140 characters could ever dream of expressing.

That said, would anyone like some hashtags on the side with their eggs?

This post was written by our newest team member Emma, if you would like some consulting time with her just email us via info@contentequalsmoney.com and we will hook you up!

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Amie Marse is the founder of Content Equals Money. She lives in Lexington, KY with her two dogs: Billie and Lily. She has been writing content for her web based clients since 2005. She launched Content Equals Money in Oct of 2010, home of conversion focused content writing services. She loves to chat about small business development and how to make content equal money!

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