What can Google+ mean for your small business?

If Facebook was a blip of a seismic event in the world of social networking—say, a Mt. Vesuvius or the asteroid that doomed the dinosaurs— Google+ is poised to be an intergalactic event that conjoins your online and offline What can Google+ mean for your small business? social lives.

Because social networking allows users to broadcast intimately, perception is constantly reshaped within that specific user community. Small cliques of gurus and style makers are influencing their friends and fellow web-denizens to buy, sell, believe and reject like never before.

Becky T: Truffles, Truffles, Truffles! Mmmm! At Pan’s Panegyric Pasta in Soho.

(Two minutes removed from the initial report of fungi gold…)

Lenny C: SO JEALOUS! Make sure you try the baked parm! My friend is a chef Ahhh La Carte and claims the Parmesan cheese is secretly sweated in bacon. (:0**** Drooling into the void of my hunger pains*

Sarah S.: Can I get a “For the love of Elvis I love it” button around here?!?!

Google+ is Google’s debut in the social networking game.  All the social networking features you have come to know and love—photos, games, messaging, sharing sharing and sharing—will be discreetly affixed to all of Google’s products. This will seamlessly enhance Google’s powerful Rich Analytics and Adwords products, delivering an unparalleled advertising punch.  Heaven and Earth are finally united.

That star of its social networking debut will be Google Circles. Google Circles will allow users to put boyfriends, bosses, Ma and Pa on different digital sofas. Instead of schoolyard bullies or high school crushes showing up to crash the party, users can subdivide their Internet lives for a truly improved and more intimate social networking experience. We should all breath a collective sigh of relief.

For small businesses, Circles might be thought of as a front-row seat on consumer ecosystems. Like the example of Becky and Lenny above, consumers’ social networking experience is often in a state of dynamic flux: it is apt to dissolve and recombine at the drop of a hat, or a fork at Pan’s Panegyric Pasta.

 So, too, are consumer’s preferences and opinions subject to such whimsy.  

This tipping-point phenomenon is what Google and advertisers call the FMOT—the First Moment of Truth (check it out at Google’s Blogspot).  It is the crucial 3-7 seconds when a consumer decides whether or not to purchase a product. With Adwords, Google capitalizes on this moment in being always at the ready to refill your soda or get you a fresh mortgage if you decide you need one. Combined with Circles it’s your friends checking to see if you need a refill, “Why yes, I do in fact…” and returning with the favorite chocolate you never knew you liked, “The nice gentlemen with the gigantic abacus at the front desk thought you might need this.”

With all the excitement Google+ is creating, the product manager Christian Oestian is recommending businesses, small and large alike, wait before adapting Google+,

“How users communicate with each other is different from how they communicate with brands… The business experience we are creating should far exceed the consumer profile in terms of its usefulness to businesses,” Oestlien says in his post. “We just ask for your patience while we build it.” (For full article, check it out on Mashable.com).

When Google+ is finally available for small business, it may provide a direct node into the power of suggestion.

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