What is Insourcing?

When a project is outsourced, part of the business process is contracted to a third-party. Outsourcing has gotten a bad rap in recent years – the idea is synonymous with poor quality goods and services, and jobs leaving for foreign shores.

Insourcing is a new term that has emerged in response to the backlash against outsourcing. While outsourcing often means completing an order form and returning it to another company in hopes of getting a product or service need fulfilled, insourcing refers more succinctly to working with another company in tandem.

The Benefits of an Insourced Writing Team

Insourcing involves building a solid working relationship between companies in order to better the standing of both. In the case of a writing service, an intimate relationship is created so that it is almost like working with an in-house team.

The writers and editors of an insourced writing company know their clients and hone in not only on the general industry, but also on the individual company’s voice and content requirements. An insource writing service offers companies the intimacy that comes with an in-house writer, but with the convenience and cost-savings that outsourcing offers.

Taking Insourcing to the Next Level

Content Equals Money understands more than our clients’ products and services. Through the relationship we build, we absorb the company’s ethos, voice, and target audience. The end product is content written from the perspective of not only a thought leader in the field, but also a company veteran.

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