Conversions from Content

The key to seeing conversions from content is to know your audience. That’s why the first step of working with Content Equals Money is the voice document. Think of it like an interview where one of our team members asks you about your ideal client. If you have never considered this before, it will be an eye-opening experience. And even if you have already considered your ideal client, we promise to make that picture even clearer.

We’ll walk you through a simple document and discuss the typical buying stages of your ideal client. We’ll talk about what you like and don’t like after the buying process has begun. It might seem silly to be picky in this economy, but when you only work with clients you enjoy, your entire business is better.

We strongly believe that being 100% right for 20% of the people out there is a lot better than only being 80% right for 100%. If you believe in this philosophy as well, contact us today to get started. Soon you will be seeing conversions from content that’s crafted for your ideal client.

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