What Does My Site Need Content Wise?

This question is a little difficult, and often requires a certain modicum of personal consultation.  The “short” answer is that it depends entirely on the nature of your business and the kind of impact you’d like to make on the web!

Basic content options include static site content, blogs, articles, and press releases.  Static site content is the bare bones of any site – you’re looking at an example of it right now!  There are many ways to present your site, but of foremost importance is keyword density, information, and tone.  Keyword density ensures that the search engines are paying attention, which is very important for SEO purposes.  Information and tone convey the knowledge and tenor of your business – and this is the bedrock of what makes potential clients turn into conversions!

Blogs are especially relevant for those who are looking to foster a continual conversation regarding pertinent topics in their industry.  Blogs are a constantly updating medium that encourage visitors to come back again and again to check out what’s new – particularly if your blog becomes a reliable source of information.  A good blog can really rope in visitors to your site and keep both your traffic and your conversions on a continual rise.

Articles are informative pieces of information that relate to a certain subject.  Generally, these are used for posting on article websites, with a link back to your own site.  This helps with your backlinking for SEO purposes – and it also has the possibility of catching a reader’s eye if the article is written with expertise.  Then all they have to do is click on the article link to get sent directly to your site, and perhaps to that authoritative blog you may have?

Press releases are another way of informing the world about special events relating to your business or your field.  Whether you’re launching a site, advertising a promotion, or introducing a new product or service, a good press release will help you get the word out and rake traffic in!

These are just a few examples of different sorts of content that can help your site better its SEO rankings and conversions.  There are a myriad of other content options as well – whitepapers, newsletters, brochures, sales letters, and more!

If you are seriously about using content marketing to create a sales funnel or increase traffic then contact us right away. We work with our clients to create everything they need, from strategy to editorial calendars are more.


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