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We believe that each client is different, and has completely unique content needs. This is why we are happy to offer a free custom sample to any agency considering working with us. We want you to be sure we’re the right fit for you; with Content Equals Money, you can try before you buy!

With that said, we have shared a few general samples from some of the major industries we have worked with, to give you a taste of what we can produce. Depending on the content needs of your business, you may find one variety of sample more applicable than others. Take a look around, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Remember, we hate general samples, too! Here’s what our founder, Amie Marse, has to say:

Samples are not what they used to be. Years ago you had press clippings, published pieces, and all that. Today the world is a bit different. Scraping content, ghostwriting and all the rest has vastly changed the game. Now when you get a copywriter’s sample it could be the only good piece of content they ever wrote… if they wrote it themselves in the first place. This is why I personally abhor the idea of samples. It’s also why we give our potential agency clients their first 1,000 words for free.

The chances are super slim that the writer of these sample pieces will work on your account. However, if it makes you feel better to check them out by all means enjoy. Just remember that we strive to give the best copy at the tightest turnaround in the industry.

If you are ready for fresh custom samples, make an appointment with me and I’ll set you up. Even if you don’t qualify as an agency (thus missing out on the first 1000 free words) we’ll still be happy to craft pitches and, of course, do as many revisions as needed to rock your socks off.

~ Amie Marse, Founder of CEM

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