What You Can Learn From These 4 Brilliant Law Bloggers

People count on lawyers for trustworthy, cutting-edge legal information. They look to an attorney’s blog for advice, counsel, and comfort in times of need. The quality of a law firm’s blog posts speaks volumes about the quality of the practice. One of the best ways you can communicate to potential clients that you are the firm for them is through an exceptional blog. We’ve gathered our top four favorite law blogs, along with pro tips you can take away to improve your own practice’s blog.

  1. Baker McKenzie

As the legal firm that made the greatest revenue in 2017, it’s no surprise that Baker McKenzie is also home to one of the most informational law blogs on the web. The Baker McKenzie blog lets readers filter by more than 10 topics to get to the information they wish. The blog focuses on dispute resolution, employment law, environmental law, taxes, compliance, and more. The firm posts regularly, going above and beyond to provide the latest information on current events and hot topics.

We love this blog because it nails both quality and quantity of content. Each article is extremely well-written, providing relevant and recent resources and links for further reading. It gives plenty of information without being overwhelming – often giving “key takeaways,” so readers can easily grasp the main idea of the post. The blog is also highly organized and categorized to make it easy to find what you’re looking for, despite hosting virtually thousands of posts:

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Pro Tip: Keep your blog relevant by updating it regularly with current events in the legal field. Provide information that will give value to your readers and prospective clients. Post often to create a resource for your readers, as Baker McKenzie has done.

  1. Morgan & Morgan

We love the tone of the Morgan & Morgan blog, and find it comforting and informational for people who have only cursory understandings of the law. You can tell just from browsing the blog that this national law firm’s goal isn’t to make a profit but to help people. The blog provides a good mix of casual self-help articles, breaking news, insider facts, and legal information.

The Morgan & Morgan blog made our list of favorites mainly because of the personable and friendly tone of the posts. It’s important as a law firm to show your human side to readers, not just the side of you the courts see. The people reading your blog likely have legal issues or personal injuries affecting them. Your blog can be an outlet of relief, not just the facts.

Pro Tip: Use your blog as a platform to communicate that you care about your clients and your community. Don’t simply sell your services – take a compassionate tone to express that your main goal is to help.

  1. Lowering the Bar (by Attorney Kevin Underhill)

From the hilarious name of the blog to the friendly tone of its posts, there’s nothing we don’t love about Lowering the Bar. This legal blog, run by attorney Kevin Underhill of Shook, Hardy & Bacon, is a refreshing change from most in the industry. Attorney Underhill doesn’t take himself too seriously and highlights the comical and often unbelievable things that happen in the legal field.

For example, a recent article tells the story of a man who asked about his “other” murder case during an arraignment – one the police had not yet connected to him. Another describes a family that called 911 after getting lost in a corn maze. Kevin’s blog rehashes the latest news stories in law and answers common questions, while offering a welcome (comic) relief to the field of law. It’s highly entertaining while still providing useful information to readers – a rare and beautiful balance any lawyer should hope to attain.

Pro Tip: A law blog doesn’t necessarily have to be all doom and gloom, all the time. Readers might welcome a bit of a laugh during a difficult time, as long as you inject humor naturally and appropriately within the theme and goal of the post.

  1. Miller Friel, PLLC

Miller Friel, PLLC, made our “Best Law Blog” list because of the extra effort clearly shown in the content – namely, the videos the firm creates to go alongside many of the posts on its blog. The firm provides a great mix of both types of content for maximum value to readers. Many blog posts include videos where real attorneys from the firm dive deeper into the discussion that readers can find in written content below, such as in their article “Insurance Policy Review 101”:

Image source: Screen capture taken 16 Feb 2018


While video content should not replace written blogs on your website, incorporating both is a great strategy. Video can be especially valuable to a law firm, where words straight from an attorney’s mouth can be of significant help to potential clients. Around 82% of businesses feel video is important to their overall marketing strategies. Benefit from this marketing tactic by including vlogs and blogs.

Pro Tip: Film one of your attorneys chatting about the topic your blog post addresses or answering frequently asked questions about the subject matter. It doesn’t have to be fancy to get the job done – uploading a video from your smartphone is better than no video content at all.

What most of our favorite law blogs have in common is that they give honest, straightforward, and passionate advice to readers. If you remember just one pro tip from this list, let it be to use your blog to express your compassion for clients. The rest will come naturally.

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