What Your Content Marketing Strategy Can Learn from the Contemporary Arts Center

Sensory Elephant Monday of this week I had some business in Cincinnati, Ohio. Whenever I have the opportunity to go to Cincinnati I hit the Contemporary Arts Center. It’s an awesome place for a lot of reasons. This post will go over what the CAC can teach you about a cohesive content strategy.

Like most museums, the CAC has a rotating collection. There are 6 floors to this museum (it is right in the middle of downtown) and the 2nd-5th floors are changed every month or so. On the 6th floor there is the “UnMuseum” which is a floor dedicated to children. On this floor you can (and are encouraged) to touch the art and interact fully. This is both refreshing and very interesting. I like that after walking up 5 floors I know exactly what to expect!

Drawers of the Sensory ElephantTakeaway: make the ground rules obvious for your content marketing strategy. You might have hundreds of landing pages, so be sure to direct your site visitor to the meatiest or most important page. This can be your resource page or your latest post. Whatever it is, make it obvious.

As you enter the 6th floor UnMuseum the first installment you see to your right is the Sensory Elephant. Created specifically for children with sight or hearing disabilities, this “elephant” consists of multiple drawers. Each drawer has Braille lettering and a unique touch and/or sound element.

Chess Drawer within the Sensory ElephantFor example, this drawer has chess pieces and plays classical music when you pull it out. Even though this elephant was not made for me and I have seen it multiple times, I always spend a good 30 minutes exploring its crevices.

Takeaway: Cater your content strategy to many different types of people. Remember that your visitors came with a wide array of education, background, ethnicity and skill. Create visitor profiles and integrate them into your content strategy.

Hybar Room shows you a huge lesson in content marketingAround the corner from the sensory element is The Hypar Room display. This installment has an angled floor and 8 sets of tables with chairs. Each table and chairs set is accommodating the slant of the floor in a different way. Some are on stilts, others are on their own flat surface, whereas another set is simply at a diagonal. And since you are encouraged to explore this particular installation you are free to sit at each table and see how it works for you.

Takeaway: People learn differently. If your content marketing strategy is all about education marketing, be sure to provide it in multiple ways. For example, repurpose your blogs into a white paper and/or create a video tutorial. Very few of your site visitors are going to soak up every morsel in every medium you use. That’s why you need to make it as accessible to them as possible.

In the back corner of the UnMuseum is a very traditional looking play area. One side has a multi-level stage and the other side has a sink. It looks like any other place you would take children for group interaction- or any house with multiple children. This allows for functionality and fun. It also probably puts many children at ease as they see things they are used to playing with.Craft Sink

Takeaway: Don’t make your website so confusing that your visitors get lost. Provide them all the tools necessary to interact fully with your content. This can include breadcrumbs or related posts. Also, if education marketing is part of your content strategy make sure to create very clear connections. If people can understand what your product does, they are more inclined to purchase it.

At the end of the day, your content marketing strategy is just thinking through who your client is and how they view your site. I encourage you to pull out a piece of paper, and on one side create a list of client profiles and across the top write out the stages of the buying cycle. Then just fill up the page with your ideas. Toss in some keywords and you have a cohesive content marketing strategy!


Do you have any other basic lessons about content marketing strategy? We’d love to hear them! Do you have a favorite place? Link to a blog post you created using that favorite place.


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