Who We Are

150 agency clients served.
37,300 projects completed.

At Content Equals Money, passionate and skilled content professionals drive our success. Our team includes a core group of business leaders and a network of professional writers, editors, and proofreaders. We all work from home, and our diverse backgrounds enrich our individual content development abilities.


Without our leadership and managers, we couldn’t juggle hundreds of clients and thousands of projects every year. These tireless team members solve problems, promote a culture of positivity, and help clients and colleagues reach individual goals:

Founder – Amie Marse

Founder - Amie Marse

Founder and Managing Partner, Amie Marse. Amie brings the creativity of an author, the cheery nature of a stellar customer service representative, and the heart and soul of a true entrepreneur to Content Equals Money. Through her countless hours of grit and determination, Amie grew CEM from a single-person freelance startup to an established content marketing business with over 30 working team members. Amie leads with a guiding hand and a fierce determination for success. Her CEM teammates describe her as personable, articulate, and wholly passionate about her businesses. Amie holds a BA in Systematic Theology, as well as an M.Div and MBA. When she isn’t pouring herself into Content Equals Money, she’s probably reading or writing about content marketing or working on her other business venture: Purple Lilly Design.

The Team

Lead Editor, Kimberlee Kile Henry. Kimberlee has been the fearless Lead Editor at CEM for nearly 5 years, training new writers and editors as well as managing the editing team. Her editorial philosophy of always editing with the audience in mind is ideal for the web content world, where Kimberlee believes generative grammar trumps traditional anytime. She understands that clients require different levels of involvement in their projects, so Kimberlee arms her team with the knowledge to fill in the gaps when needed. She’s a cum laude English education graduate and an English teacher at heart, taking a break from teaching to raise her three little boys. When she isn’t editing, writing, or reading, you’ll probably find Kimberlee out hiking. She has a passion for backpacking and someday hopes to finish the Appalachian Trail.


Editing Delegator, Erin Bosnjak. What do you get when you combine an adventure-seeking pilot with a ruthless web content editor? Erin Bosnjak of Content Equals Money! Erin earned her private pilot license at age 17 and worked at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum for 5 years. Today, she works at Willamette Aviation part-time, teaching ground school and seminars. Erin graduated cum laude with her degree in English literature and wrote for Pilot Getaways magazine, an adventure travel magazine for pilots. She’s been with CEM for three years and believes in serving our clients with content worthy of a million shares. Erin understands that content marketing is rapidly evolving, and she’s interested in learning about how readers’ needs for content evolve alongside technology. Besides her rare affection for grammar, Erin loves adventuring with her little boy, reading historical literature, and all things related to marine biology.


Lead Proofer, Dave Evans. Dave Evans has been with Content Equals Money for three years, and he proudly holds a bachelor’s in English from Abilene Christian University. Dave has a passion for slashing filler copy and passive voice in writing, and he is known for working incessantly until he creates a document that is concise, smooth, and easy to understand and read. The CEM team recognized Dave’s patient nature and professional demeanor, which is why he’s head of our ongoing writer nurturing program. When not polishing prose, Dave spends time with his wife and their four pets: two dogs named Otis and Ziggy, and two cats named Winnie and Tigger. His family greatly enjoys traveling and celebrating holidays (especially ones involving great food), and they recently moved to Boston so his wife can complete her doctorate.

Alisa Hummell, Lead  Editor

A southerner by birth, Alisa Hummell has been working and playing in the snowy Upper Peninsula of Michigan for the past 15 years. After receiving her BA in English from the University of North Texas, Alisa went on to complete her MA in Literature and Film at Northern Michigan University. Probably not a surprise, one her favorite pastimes is watching and talking about movies, especially films by the Coen brothers, whose work was her focus during her studies at Northern Michigan.

She is currently warping her children’s artistic tastes by showing them movies they are probably way too young to watch and by reading them books that make them cry (here’s to you, E.B. White). She likes playing floor hockey, the last ten minutes of yoga, and watching basketball.


CSA (Customer Success Agent), Christie Moll. Christie’s extensive background in human resources has extended well to her CSA position at Content Equals Money, where she works daily from her home in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. Christie is driven to help clients thrive by connecting them with top-shelf content. She fully understands the connection between client satisfaction and exceeding their expectations, which is why she gladly puts in extra time and effort to ensure CEM’s clients are thrilled with the end product each time she delivers a project. Christie earned her MBA from Strayer University, and she’s worked in customer service ever since. The CEM team and our clients appreciate Christie’s bubbly personality and willingness to go above and beyond basic expectations. When she isn’t working, Christie cherishes her time with her husband, daughters, and furbabies. You might even find her dabbling in real estate on the side.


CSA, Aaron Wizner. Aaron is passionate about working with clients to help fill needs and find solutions to their problems. At CEM, this translates to Aaron’s earnest drive to connect clients with the copy they need to thrive in the online landscape. Aaron’s CEM teammates appreciate his professionalism and friendly nature, and our client’s count on him to help them fill their content needs on a daily basis. Aaron is a native of Buffalo, NY, and he relocated to Raleigh, NC in 2014. He holds an undergraduate degree in business management and an MBA with a finance and management concentration from Niagara University. When he’s not working, Aaron enjoys going to the gym and is a competitive powerlifter and strongman athlete

Our Content Development Team

As contractors, our writers, editors, and proofreaders choose their own hours and accept projects based on their own interests, aptitudes, and abilities. On any given day, including weekends, we have 20 writers and 12 editors and proofers working on your content. Our management team vets every team member with a comprehensive entry test and training course to ensure we’re hiring the best professionals available. Explore our training page for more information.

Thought Leadership

Our industry veterans come from all walks of life. We’ve all played active roles in the evolution of content marketing. Check out our blog or download one of our guides to stay up to date on the latest trends and industry best practices.

Working with Our Team

The Content Equals Money team uses a flexible business model to benefit you, the client. Our clients enjoy cost-effective content and a great working relationship, a far cry from using freelance job boards and easier to work with than big box companies. In all that we do, we strive for optimism, solutions, and results. The longer you work with us, the more impact our work has on your bottom line. Consider Content Equals Money as your secret weapon in a content-driven world. Contact a CSA to learn more about our services today.

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