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150 agency clients served.
37,300 projects completed.

Launched in 2010, Content Equals Money has been the secret weapon for numerous SEO and internet marketing agencies throughout the US and Canada. We provide the kind of top shelf copy you expect at boutique shops while offering pricing that resembles that of our marketplace competitors. How do we do it? We’re different than the rest. We are a talented group of writers, editors, proofers, and management who monitor your projects throughout the process. All of us work from the convenience of our homes, passing along the benefit of our low overhead to you, our customer. We’ve been in the business a long time, making our clients and their end clients very happy along the way!

Our goal is to be scalable to help you scale your business. Whether you have 2, 200 or 2,000 posts to get done this month, we’re here for you! Check out some of the very impressive team members who are working on your projects today!

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Founder – Amie Marse

Founder - Amie Marse

Matriarch of Content Equals Money, Amie Marse launched the business in October of 2010 as a natural outgrowth of her personal content writing business. Amie’s enthusiastic nature and love for customer service has aided the expansive growth of the company from its modest start. With an entrepreneurial spirit and innate drive for success, Amie’s achievements have been recognized. She’s been interviewed by Moomkin.com and Business2Community.com, spoken at many live events, and was featured in the Knoxville News Sentinel.

Amie’s formal education spans from a Bible and Theology undergrad and a Master in Divinity to an MBA, but she’ll tell you she learned most of what she knows from firsthand experience in the field. She’s worked as an online content writer since 2005. From these beginnings, she learned the steady value of quality content translates to profitability: content does indeed equal money, and the search engine algorithms continue to prove this fact.

The morale of the team that works under Amie’s guidance proves that she’s a genuine business leader with a clear vision. Her true passions are customer service, promoting a positive company culture conducive to individual growth, and pushing Content Equals Money to the next level.

Have more questions? Or want to talk shop? Amie is always ready for a conversation about startups or the benefits of content marketing. Feel free to contact her at Amie@contentequalsmoney.com, or give us a call at (941) 627-2989.

The Team

Christie Moll – Customer Success Agent

Christie is a customer success agent residing in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. She graduated from Strayer University in Greenville, SC in 2010, achieving an MBA with a concentration in human resources. Christie has many years working in customer service and sales within a variety of industries, including hospitality and tourism, finance, and property management. Through these experiences, Christie developed a passion for helping customers.

Christie enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and three adorable dogs. In her spare time, she enjoys anything outdoors, reading, traveling, and spending time with friends.

Camie Vaughn – Administrative Assistant

Camie (short for Camolot) is an Administrative Assistant currently living in SW Florida. Her BA from Auburn University is in Psychology, although she also studied English, Education, Emergency Medicine, and Geology. She has lived in Europe, California, Hawaii, Baton Rouge, Jackson MS, and northeast Alabama, working in customer service and administration. Camie is a military brat and credits the constant moving for her multiple and varied interests, and for allowing her to have friends all over the world. Last year, Camie quit smoking and moved to Florida where she is raising orchids, logging wildlife sightings, and trying unsuccessfully to convince her Appalachian Mountains-born dog to swim in the Gulf of Mexico. She enjoys sci-fi and comedy, swimming, new foods, and learning languages.

Kimberlee Kile – Lead Editor

Kimberlee ensures that the final, detailed touches are made to every piece of content that comes through CEM. A lover of everything language and linguist, Kimberlee graduated cum laude from Millersville University with a BS in English education and minors in both English as a second language and linguistics. Prior to editing for CEM, she has been a high school English teacher, education reporter, student tutor, and writing coach.

Kimberlee is a lifelong PA native currently living along the Susquehanna River. Taking a break from her teaching career to raise a family, Kimberlee is a stay-at-home mom to 4-year-old Levi and new baby boy, Luke. Aside from her passion for writing, Kimberlee enjoys vacationing on the Delaware beaches, exploring nature, and adding to her ever-growing collection of books.

Alisa Hummell – Asst. Editor

A southerner by birth, Alisa Hummell has been working and playing in the snowy Upper Peninsula of Michigan for the past 15 years. After receiving her BA in English from the University of North Texas, Alisa went on to complete her MA in Literature and Film at Northern Michigan University. Probably not a surprise, one her favorite pastimes is watching and talking about movies, especially films by the Coen brothers, whose work was her focus during her studies at Northern Michigan.

She is currently warping her children’s artistic tastes by showing them movies they are probably way too young to watch and by reading them books that make them cry (here’s to you, E.B. White). She likes playing floor hockey, the last ten minutes of yoga, and watching basketball.

Andrea Hackbarth – Asst. Editor

Andrea grew up in rural Southeastern Minnesota, but has spent most of her adult life on the West Coast and currently makes her home in Palmer Alaska. In addition to editing for CEM, she works part-time as a writing tutor at her local community college. Andrea has a BA in English Literature (with a minor in Philosophy) from Lawrence University, and an MA in Education from Prescott College. Because she can never seem to keep herself out of school for long, she is currently working on an MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry) at the University of Alaska Anchorage. She has had a few poems published in small literary journals, and hopes to make a career out of writing and editing. Before turning her focus to writing, Andrea taught ESL in the Czech Republic and elementary and middle school in Oregon and Alaska. When not writing or reading, she enjoys hiking and skiing in the Alaska wilderness, practicing yoga, playing the piano, and trying to keep up her Spanish language skills for a future trip to South America.

Dave Evans – Asst. Editor

Born in Limestone, Maine, it took a great deal of traveling before Dave Evans would find his way to West Texas. Building on an early interest in art and design, Dave began his career in freelance writing, editing, and permissions clearance while completing a degree in English from Abilene Christian University. Relying solely on whatever work he could find in town or online, Dave became something of a workaholic – holding down as many as four jobs at once while attending school. Fortunately, he now enjoys being able to focus his efforts and attention solely on proofing material for Content Equals Money. When not reading or editing, Dave enjoys cooking with his girlfriend and adding allergy-friendly recipes to their cookbook. He plays music locally whenever he gets the chance, spends as much time as possible outdoors, and is an avid hockey fan.

Erin Willison – Asst. Editor

Erin is a native Oregonian with a passion for all things written and aviation. As a high school senior, she received her Private Pilot’s License and decided to combine both writing and aviation into a career path. She graduated cum laude from Oregon State University with a BA in English and a minor in Spanish. Prior to editing at CEM, Erin was an educator at a local aviation museum and an editor and writer for Pilot Getaways Magazine.

To stay involved in aviation, Erin sometimes teaches Private Pilot Ground School at Willamette Aviation in Aurora, OR and works to get youth excited about aviation. When she isn’t teaching ground school, reading, writing, or editing, Erin enjoys being outside, especially at the beach, and exploring the world – one bark dust chip at a time – with her young son.

Joe Cicero – Asst. Editor

Joseph believes the written word is the Great Emulsifier—organizing mental chaos into digestible content. Quintilian, the great Roman rhetorician, referred to Marcus Tullius Cicero as “not the name of a man, but of eloquence itself.” Riding the coattails of his namesake, Joseph humbly strives to uphold even a fraction of that nobility through his work. After receiving his M.A. in Communication, Joseph conceded his inveterate love of language, pursuing a career in writing and editing. Dabbling in print design, he focused on communication strategies for higher education enrollment, retention, and financial aid. Personally, Joseph first loves his wife and four children with hockey, surfing, and music as near-indistinguishable seconds.

Melissa Daugherty – Asst. Editor

Melissa graduated cum laude from Ivy Tech Community College with an AA in Liberal Arts, majoring in English, and is currently working towards a BS in Marketing Management. Melissa’s work experience mostly consists of customer service from working in retail and at her local public library. Melissa realized her true passion for knowledge and content while working at the library and is excited about the opportunity provided by CEM to learn and gain experience in a field that is exciting to her.

In her free time, Melissa enjoys being outdoors in the unpredictable southern Indiana weather, reading, listening to podcasts, and PC gaming.

Melissa Paden – Asst. Editor

Melissa graduated cum laude from California Baptist University with a BA in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Lifespan Development. After evaluating the current job market, she decided to pursue marketing and hospitality. Melissa was previously the online marketing manager at a large resort and spa in Rancho Mirage, California.

Melissa is a lifelong California native currently living near the always sunny and warm city of Palm Springs. After being delightfully surprised to discover she was pregnant with identical twin girls, Melissa is now a stay-at-home mom to almost two-year-olds, Allanah and Lily. Melissa enjoys watching movies with her husband, reading science fiction and fantasy novels, and is in a perpetual search for the perfect cup of coffee.

Jeffrey Dupont – Staff Writer

Jeffrey has a background writing copy for social justice campaigns after studying labor relations at Cornell University. His passionate style comes through in his writing, which seeks to make an emotional connection with readers. Jeffrey has ghostwritten for multiple clients in the past and enjoys the process of learning to write in another person’s voice. With his affable nature and personable approach Jeffrey believes that he can help his client’s realize their vision for how they want to promote their business.

Jeffrey is a dreamer and artist passionate about changing the world and helping others turn their vision into a reality. And yes, he does know Andrew Bernard also attended Cornell.

Jeremy Jusek – Staff Writer

Jeremy is a writer living in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife and two kids. He has a BS in chemistry, a BA in theatre, and is finishing the last semester of his Creative Writing MFA. He is a practical writer, which means he writes practically anything. He has had several of his plays produced and is an award-winning poet with numerous publications. He worked for years as the senior poetry editor for Marathon literary magazine, and is a co-founder of the online magazine Whiskey and Armchairs.

An avid coffee drinker and woodsman at heart, Jeremy spends his free time in the Cleveland Metroparks whenever possible, sometimes pretending to film Folgers commercials.

Jessica Johnson – Staff Writer

Jess has been writing (and sometimes illustrating) stories since childhood. She has a background in Creative Writing and Art History, and is always looking for new ways to learn and grow as a writer. She enjoys writing fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. Her professional experiences are diverse, ranging from a doctor’s assistant to a tattoo shop manager, giving her a unique perspective and voice.

Aside from reading and writing, Jess spends her free time playing RPGs on her beloved PS4, doing DIY projects, and practicing the art of hair color. She hopes to eventually write from the comfort of a conversion bus while traveling the US.

Stephanie McCall – Staff Writer

Stephanie McCall is a full-time freelance writer. She has written three books for the inspirational market. Two are from the same series, Fiery Secrets and Down Candy Cane Lane. Promise of a Future is a standalone novel. Stephanie lives in North Carolina, where she enjoys singing, theater, learning Spanish and French, and reading with her cat nearby.

Whitney Foster – Staff Writer

My name is Whitney Foster and I am a freelance writer. I graduated from Cleveland Sate University in 2010 with a major in English-Creative Writing. I also took several courses in education because I originally wanted to teach young children. I have since realized that writing is my passion and I am happy to have it as a career.  I love to learn about a variety of different subjects. Taking courses is a hobby of mine along with cooking and reading young adult novels, mysteries and biographies. I particularly love historical fiction as one of my favorite authors is Philippa Gregory. I have worked in a variety of employment fields such as the mortgage loan industry, law, and education.

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