Content Writers

There is no way that could be the powerhouse of content conversion without the dedication and skill of our in-house content writers. These individuals take planning and prep and turn it into a powerful sales funnel for your business. Each person on our writing staff does a bi-monthly training to stay on top of the latest in content generation and conversion based marketing. Our company is constantly growing, and we have a lot of writers on call for your campaigns—here is just a sampling of our best team members:

Serena Aisenmen – Staff Writer

Serena has been working for Content Equals Money for over a year now, putting her writing and research skills to good use for our clients.  After receiving her BA in Legal Studies, Serena joined the Peace Corps to pursue her love of language, culture, and experience.  She currently enjoys all types of creative expression, consistently looks for ways to continue her personal education, and finds a comfortable home in professional writing.



Jon Anscher

Jon Anscher – Staff Writer

Jon has a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy with a writing emphasis and a Masters in Teaching both from the University of Puget Sound. He is passionate about working with our education vertical clients. Developing strong content that converts for filling program rosters is a constant goal. He believes in words looking and sounding good while also possessing Zen-like simplicity. He lives in the greater Seattle area and is currently pursuing a Master’s certification in Technical Writing from the University of Washington.

Kate Boehme


Kate Boehme – Lead Researcher and Staff Writer

Kate is our only writer who resides outside of the continental US. She was born and raised in the USA but is currently pursuing her PhD in History at Cambridge. Her extensive research skills are the backbone of many of our research intense projects. Her ability to find nuggets of truth always makes our guides and white papers pop. Whether for in-house needs or for one our clients, Kate is passionate about going the extra mile to find that perfect statistic that will blow your content out of the water!

Andrea Stang


Andrea Stang – Lead Editor

Andrea is the person who puts the finishing touches on your content. She makes sure that your pieces flow well, pass through Copyscape, and are well polished—and frankly, there isn’t a better person out there to make sure that your content sparkles. In addition to her B.A. in English and minor in Education from the University of Texas at Austin, she has been recognized by the Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society and holds a valid teaching certificate. Her attention to detail and passion for quality are what keep our clients above their competitors from start to finish!

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