Today in Christmas Creep: Who’s Hiring and Who Isn’t

now hiringAs I have written before, the holiday shopping season starts earlier and earlier each year. And this year is no exception. While we can all argue the taste-level of beginning Christmas before Halloween, there is one inherent benefit to a lengthy holiday season: more jobs.

Longer Holidays Mean More Jobs, Right? Maybe.

In the past, the holiday shopping season has meant more temporary jobs in retail. In fact, many unemployed persons have counted on a holiday job to tide them over until they could find employment that is more permanent. Given the fact that we are already midway through the holiday shopping season – at least, we are according to the retailers – one would think that we would also be experiencing a huge uptick in temporary jobs.

Unfortunately, for job seekers everywhere that might not be the case. Here is a quick overview of which retailers are hiring this holiday season, and which ones are not.

  • Wal-Mart will hire 55,000 seasonal temporary workers. It will also offer current part-time and temporary employers the opportunity for more lucrative employment.
  • Kohl’s will hire more than 50,000 of its own seasonal employees. Most of these employees will be placed at distribution and credit centers.
  • Target will hire nearly 20,000 fewer temporary workers this holiday season. This is in response to a year that was less than stellar on the sales front.

If these numbers seem a little blah it is because last year represented a twelve year high in terms of temporary retail hires. There is still no telling how this year’s season will pan out.

What do you think about the forecasted temporary holiday hires? Will it affect your brand?

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