Why Your Content Writing Service Needs Access To Your Analytics

Why Your Content Writing Service Needs Access To Your AnalyticsContent writing service is a pretty vague term and in this economy that term is becoming even larger by the second. It used to be that someone who did content writing only wrote the words on a website’s static pages. The things like your About Us page, Home page and that sort of thing.

Nowadays the term “content writing service” includes any type of writing. Sales copywriting, corporate messaging, blogs and more are often put under this umbrella term. For someone like myself who runs a content generation firm this change in language is awesome – most of the time.

What keeps it from being awesome all of the time is that bland, crappy content is still being paid for. I just got off the phone with a new potential client that was terrified that he would be charged for content he didn’t want to use. Obviously I assuaged him by going over our process and how we go out of our way to make sure content is awesome the first time around. And of course if something doesn’t spark, we’re happy to redo it at no charge.

I’m not writing this to let you in on my sales pitch. I’m writing this because people need to know that “content writing service” is not a free pass. Sure, I don’t have big name clients but my process is the same as those who do.

And one of those major process points is reviewing analytics. If you have had your head in the sand the past 6 months let me tell you that analytics is going to make all the difference in 2012. You can’t simply pump out blogs anymore. You have to track them. You have to make connections between what people are clicking on, how long they’re staying, where they are going afterwards and more.

Don’t get me wrong, my father is a mathematician in the aerospace field. This means I have spent my whole life with a person who LOVES math. And… I do not. I can’t stand it, but you can’t compete in the modern economy without getting over this fear of graphs.

If you don’t understand or don’t want to understand Google Analytics (among all the other options these days) you better get over it. Get over it or just start handing out your cash to random people. You are leaving money on the table when you go through your content marketing blind. Beyond the fact that it is fiscally stupid, there is no reason for it.

Do you know how much Google Analytics costs? Yup – zero! It costs less than 1 cent to track your progress. And many of the startups of the last year that include their own slice of advanced analytics aren’t all that expensive either.

And here’s the kicker, if you don’t provide access of your analytics to your content writing service you are just as dumb. Why would you ask  pay someone to do something without the proper tools? It would be like asking a doctor to heal a patient in a room full of people without telling them who the sick person was. Sure, eventually your writer will hit the right person with the right message but why make it that hard?

If you are just starting out of the gate, no worries. You haven’t messed anything up yet.

BUT, I have a very special message to those of you that have spent a ton of cash on content marketing without getting the business conversions you had hoped for: leverage what you already know. Or rather, let your writing service take a peak at your analytics. You have a WEALTH of information that has so far just been ignored. Let it make you some money!


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Amie Marse is the founder of Content Equals Money. She lives in Lexington, KY with her two dogs: Billie and Lily. She has been writing content for her web based clients since 2005. She launched Content Equals Money in Oct of 2010, home of conversion focused content writing services. She loves to chat about small business development and how to make content equal money!

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