Will Santa Be Bringing You Conversions This Year?

education content writerThe holiday season is already well underway, and those of us in the business of business know what we’re really looking for under the tree‚ÄĒconversions.¬† If only it were so easy to get clients; however, if Santa were actually bringing customers down the chimney with him, no doubt he’d be relentlessly lobbied by corporations big and small throughout the year!

Since most of us can’t rely on holiday figures to bring us conversions (though, there’s no doubt that the jolly red man and his reindeer do bring good tidings to many outlets in the retail industry), we’re just going to have to get down to business and do it ourselves.¬† If you’re ready to jingle your way to client conversion success this year, be sure to follow the following steps!

·     Get your content factually checked.

One of the biggest sins that many bloggers commit is not necessarily related to keywords, metatags, or anything overly technical‚ÄĒit’s with the facts.¬† For instance, if you’re writing a blog for a school and yet it’s been years since you’ve set foot into a schoolhouse, consider passing your work by a teacher‚ÄĒor, better yet, an education content writer.

·     Advertise for free!

If you want to take advantage of a free way to promote your company and increase your conversions, be sure to spend some time reading other blogs that are well regarded in your business community.¬† Not only does leaving comments behind help establish you as a someone with insight in the business, but you’ll also be able to leave behind a link to your site!¬† Your comments help further the dialogue going on in your community‚ÄĒand you’ll be networking with other bloggers and customers, as well.

·     Spend money smart.

Just because you can afford a television commercial doesn’t mean that the money couldn’t be leveraged toward other, more effective means of marketing.¬† The television commercial may look cool, but if it’s the conversions that count, be sure to take a look at more unusual ways of advertising‚ÄĒpodcast advertisements, for example, or adbuys.

In short, when it comes to the business of promoting yourself, think smarter, not harder.¬† You’ll be well on your way to warm holiday wishes when your halls are decked with conversions!

Done with the holiday season already?  Ready to gear up for the New Year?  Check out this blog post about getting ready for 2012!

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