Wire Brushes and Content Marketing: What Do They Have In Common?

Where did you go on the Fourth of July? A cookout? Barbecue? Most likely there was a grill of some sort involved. Grilling tends to be the typical way to celebrate the Fourth in most parts of the country. When there’s a grill involved, you can bet there’s a wire brush too.

Steak shouldn’t do this to you!

Turns out the metal bristles on the brushes can be left behind after cleaning and get stuck in peoples’ steaks! Yikes! It’s just a harmless tiny metal piece right? Well, a man in Tacoma, Washington, Adam Wojtanowicz, had to have surgery over the weekend after a metal bristle lodged itself in his intestinal tract. The doctor who performed the operation told KING 5 News “this is a huge public safety issue” and explained that if unattended to, the bristle could cause intestinal leakage and eventually death.

Lastly, MSNBC states that the “CDC knows of at least six people who have recently suffered similar injuries.” This sounds like an avalanche of lawsuits waiting to happen, but the CDC doesn’t blame any brands or types of brushes.

Your business deals in wire brushes, what do you do now?

Put yourself in a wire brush manufacturer’s shoes after reading this. You would be more than a little concerned about what this might do to business. Customers, understandably, are going to want to know whether they can trust your brushes. Some might be unreasonable about it, and some might just want reassurance.

What can you do about it? How do you protect yourself over concerns like this? The great thing about having an online presence for your business is the ability to communicate directly to your customers. Content marketing can be used to effectively and timely deliver a message about your product to people who will read it.

Whether it’s through a website, blog, Twitter, or Facebook, content marketing can create an immediate response to issues like this for your business. Imagine a customer reading this news and searching for the company that made his wire brush. Imagine the surprise when he realized that his company has already addressed the problem and the information is readily available to him, while the competition lags behind.

And next time you fire up your grill, take an extra five minutes to make sure your steak won’t send you to the hospital!

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