How to Write a Blog Post Series: Part 1

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From Pirates of the Caribbean to The Dark Knight, there’s something we all enjoy about series and sequels. Whether it’s the continuation of a fascinating story or getting to better know the characters in this fictional world, we love getting to see each subsequent scenario unfold. Likewise, when you have a brilliant idea, why limit it to a single blog post? By creating a series, you’ll not only benefit from easier content creation, but more traffic as well.

Create a single idea that can be broken down into other simple ideas.

The thing about a blog post series is that you want each post to stand on its own. After all, you can never tell when or how a reader will stumble upon your content, so you want ever piece to be useful on its own. Collectively, of course, the series should make sense, but theoretically, a visitor could stumble onto “Part 7” of your series and be able to enjoy the post almost as much as a reader that read the prior six parts.

To accomplish this, you need a single idea that can be broken down into simpler parts. In other words, you need a theme that will unify your entire blog post series, then you need to be able to focus on specific topics in each individual part. For example, if the theme of this series is how to write a blog post series, then this particularly post is focusing on how to plan the series.

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Stay focused on a single idea.

While it may seem counter intuitive, staying focused on a single idea will actually make it easier to create more content, as you can break down the idea into smaller parts. This also allows you to create posts with the strength to stand on their own within the series. By planning your blog series around a single concept, you’ll be able to add a lot of fanfare around it.

In fact, a lot of classic storytelling follows this pattern. Consider The Lord of the Rings. The single idea (plot line) follows a hobbit on a quest to destroy a ring. But by focusing on this single storyline, natural accompanying storylines from war to unrequited love develop.

Utilize an editorial calendar.

One of the best parts about a blog series is that it will beef up your editorial calendar, but did you know that your editorial calendar could help you plan your blog series as well? By scheduling your blog posts and preparing for specific release dates, you will be able to mentally envision how the posts will come across and paint a cohesive image for the readers. It’s easier to pursue a blog series that’s organized than to keep brainstorming without any specific direction. In short, the key to a successful blog post series is planning it out from the get-go. Figure out what you want the series to be about, and how you can break it into smaller parts from there.

Have you written a blog post series before? What tips can you add?

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