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content writing, writing servicesIf you’re in the market for writing services, there are plenty of choices.  In fact, there are often so many choices that you might find the whole thing overwhelming.  Should you work with local writers, or ones that are overseas?  Does it matter if the writer has 100% control over the English language if all you’re doing is looking for linkbait?

Not to pick on anybody, but this article that touts the laurels of non-native English content writers pretty much sums it up: It’s Not Necessary That a Native English-Speaking Person is a Better Content Writer.  There are definitely merits to working with writers who are based overseas, but there is a very definite tradeoff – you save a few pennies on the dollar, but your content has a high chance of being riddled with small errors.

Does using the word “content” as a countable noun (“Do you need to hire the services of Lindsay Cambridge from Virginia to write great contents for your site?”) totally negate the power of SEO?  Of course not.  The computer-based side of SEO doesn’t care whether or not the writer has dubious control over articles (“…poor grammar and slang should not be part of a properly executed content writing.”), but rather about keyword placement.

However, assuming that most of your traffic is coming from the English-speaking world, these are things that your readers will most definitely pick up on.  Constant missteps with grammar and control are like red flags – they paint a picture of unprofessionalism and undermine the business’ attempts to present itself as a place of information.  Of course, no matter how long anybody has been speaking English, there will be occasional missteps with grammar and spelling.  On the other hand, there is a world of difference between “occasional” and “in every line.”

Go Native

Working with writing services that offer native English speakers will give your writing a greater felicity with control and flow than working with those who have learned it as a second language.  Again, the point is not to come down on those who learn English as a second language – I myself have learned Japanese and Russian so I have full understanding of how difficult it is to learn how to read and write in a language and an alphabet that isn’t your native one – but do you really want to have your website be a learning exercise for somebody who’s working out the difference between dangling modifiers and missing ones?

We at Content Equals Money put a lot of emphasis on US-based writers – check out our blog on the importance of local content writers.  Maybe we’re biased – but we believe that a properly placed semicolon truly can make all the difference in the world – particularly when it comes to upping the conversion rate on your website.

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Laura Hancock is a co-owner of ContentEqualsMoney.com. She has also been a long time writer for us. She writes with a passion for accuracy and flow. While her administrative duties have grown, she is a still a big piece of our content writing services team! Currently pursuing a certification in Technical Writing at the University of Washington. She lives in Seattle. +Laura Hancock

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