5 Reasons Your Business Should Consider an eBook

In the latest Entertainment and Media Outlook report, it’s predicted that eBook sales will top $8.2 billion by 2017, finally surpassing the figures generated by print book sales. With the ever-increasing digital market and the time that consumers spend researching products and services online, there’s never been a more prudent time to invest in … [Read more...]

Creative or Writing Agency: Which Is Right for You?

There’s something really appealing about hiring a creative agency like Wieden + Kennedy to design your product packaging, write a brilliant ad campaign, and create a gorgeous app that engages customers with your brand.There’s also something really expensive about all that. Hiring the top creative advertising talent out there can cost upwards of … [Read more...]

Why You Should Couple Your SEO With a Writing Agency

With constant changes coming from Google about what is and isn’t considered SEO-kosher, SEO agencies have their work cut out for them. Meeting clients’ high expectations while keeping in Google’s good graces is work enough. Of course, there’s one other thing… the actual writing. If your SEO agency is swamped with work, why not partner with a … [Read more...]

How a Writing Service Can Move Prospects Through Your B2B Sales Cycle

If your B2B business is struggling to convert window shoppers into paying clients, then you’ve clearly got a sustainability issue on your hands. But the real question here is why? Shouldn’t a strong business model and a vast network be enough? Not quite…Business conversions don’t just start happening because you have a solid business model and … [Read more...]