Content is king, and his queen is blogging. Everybody knows the power of regular, fresh content. This can change your static site into a living, breathing, money-making machine!

Obviously as a quality content writing service, blogging comprises a huge portion of our business. In fact, it’s roughly 40% of everything we do! And for good reason, as blogging for business is a powerful way to soar up the Google rankings. It’s also incredibly lucrative to increase your blog traffic, even if it’s hard to solidly quantify just how much it’s bringing in.

Blogs and articles are often interchangeable. Some view articles as more substantial, whereas other companies just have amazing blogs as a way to connect more personally with clients and potential customers. Your business marketing strategy will dictate whether blogs or articles take center stage. However, almost every website needs some sort of blog attached.

Similarly to articles, you can order through our Purchasing Page or by emailing us via  The vast majority of our clients have standing weekly orders which include a loyalty discount. We provide uploading to WP, Joomla, Blogger, and Drupal blog interfaces for free.



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