eBooks can be a powerful marketing tool. They can be converted and sold on Amazon or Lulu fairly easily. Your eBook can be used to promote your personal brand or establish your reputation. They can also run anywhere from 20k – 200k words or more.

Many businesses use eBooks to establish their reputation within their specific niche. This can be something they do once during their business, others create a new eBook each quarter.

Our job is to help you establish your brand and increase your marketing reach. If you have an unfinished manuscript or you would like to create one from scratch, simply get in contact with us to discuss the details. We specialize in shorter eBooks, in the under 30k word range. We are also happy to provide graphic services for these products.

Unfortunately we do not provide formatting services, but we are happy to refer you to some great colleagues that can prepare your eBook for Kindle type publishing.

Visit our Purchasing Page to get your project started. You can also email our us via support@contentequalsmoney.com.

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