xMatters Improves Mobile Communication Solutions

xMatters new mobile`If your business or agency employs a lot of people or relies heavily on IT work, communicating and organizing how and when things get accomplished can be difficult. Keeping in touch with your customers about timely and important information on a more personal level than social media is a challenge for many companies. One company, xMatters, has created a power mobile suite designed to alleviate these problems, and they’ve recently enhanced their mobile capabilities.

Mobile and xMatters

xMatters is a company that makes “relevance engines that connect people with what they need to know.” These engines are essentially communications suites that provide a wide range of options for businesses in terms or organization and employee alerts.

In a recent press release xMatters announced improvements to their mobile capabilities on their Android and iOS apps. Businesses and agencies can use xMatters to “deliver critical information and communication plans to the right employees at the right time.” As many businesses and agencies increasingly move to more mobile and online methods of getting work done, the need for clear, precise, and timely communication becomes even more important.

xMatters’ mobile and platform offerings can also be used for a variety of other tasks as well. Plans and information can be accessed by smartphones even when offline; users can “initiate communications plans from anywhere;” notifications can be accompanied by images from smartphone cameras; money can be saved on messages by using push notifications and not SMS. There are also conference bridging and GPS location services. xMatters provides quite a bit to the mobile, online, and spread out business or agency.

xMatters and You

Not only does xMatters help you communicate within your own agency or business, especially when it comes to important and timely information, but xMatters also has relevance in reaching out to customers. xMatters can be used to immediately and effectively contact customers via push notifications or other methods. You can send information about new products, promotions, updates, or any other piece of important information as it happens.

If you have developed a strong brand or simply a dedicated customer following for your business, notifications through xMatters’ app could be another way to stay in touch with your customers on a personal level. Their app is easy to use (while also providing a wide selection of other beneficial uses) and now that their mobile system has been improved immensely, it might be worthwhile for helping you run your agency or business as well as stay in touch with customers in a timely and direct manner.

xMatters could be used to help generate interest in exclusive customer services or deals. Almost like a club for those who provide their information so that you can get in touch with them first, before you take whatever deal or promotion to the masses through social media, email and on your own website. After all, customers expect something out of providing you information or access to something they care about, like their smartphones.

xMatters Might Be for You

If xMatters sounds like something your business or agency could use, it is definitely worth a look. At the very least, it might be the tool you need to bring your customer service up a notch. It has the ability to send out updates, offers, reminders, and even location-based services. Their new improvements to mobile have made it even more accessible than ever.

Does xMatters sound interesting to you? What do you use to organize communication in your business or agency?


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