Yahoo: A Logo Change for the Better

new yahoo logoHave you seen the new Yahoo logo? Despite the significant buildup to its reveal, the new logo has been widely criticized across the web as being a huge let down. When it comes to logo changes, this type of reaction is quite common. Consumers generally dislike change in the major brands whose logos they have known and recognized for a long time. So how do you know when it is a good time to change your logo, and how can you ensure that it will be well received?

Yahoo’s New Logo: The Negative Response

While Yahoo created a huge, 30-day buzz around the reveal of its new and improved logo, the internet has largely declared it boring. Many feel that the new Yahoo logo should be reflective of its new “aspirational” direction under CEO Marissa Mayer. In fact, users on Twitter pulled an alternative logo design created by Yahoo intern Max Ma off of his website, and the image went viral as a much better choice. Despite this overwhelmingly negative response, defendants of the new logo comment that it appears more mature, illustrating the way that the company has grown.

When Should You Change Your Logo?

If a major company like Yahoo can’t pull off a logo change, who can? As Business Insider argues, changing your brand’s logo is almost never the right choice. However, there are a few instances in which the right logo has the potential to be well received. First, it can be helpful to change your logo if your brand’s reputation has been irreversibly damaged. Second, a logo change is useful if your company is now completely different in its products or services, or if it has merged with another company.

Third, you should also change your logo if it is technically difficult to reproduce. In addition, an outdated logo can often be changed for the better. Overall, when deciding whether or not to change your logo, carefully weigh the benefits of change with the advantages your current logo holds. If your current logo is timeless or well loved, it is probably best to leave it as is.

Tips for Positive Change

While Yahoo’s new logo has not been well received, many have stated that they do believe change is in order – just not this change. So if you do determine that it is time to change your logo, how can you make sure that your customers will like it? First, unless you decide your logo needs to be changed entirely, stay true to your logo’s roots. Create an updated version of the logo that others have come to know and love.

Ensure that your logo will work with your branding materials, and keep in mind that this logo should be created with the intention of longevity. It can also be helpful to engage your customers and ask for feedback during the design period. Your customers want to know that their voice is being heard when it comes to a major company change, and as the face of your company, the logo is the most major change of all.

Has your brand ever changed its logo? Were the reactions positive or negative?

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